Gravity Protocol initial distribution

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This past Monday, we posted the Gravity Protocol Development commitment (aka Roadmap). According to this roadmap, we will be moving to the Mainnet launch in July.

The Gravity coin (ZGV) will be emitted as soon as the Main net is launched and emission will be spread right after Genesis block is generated (accordingly to the pools we have defined in the table below).

However, first we'd like to address the principles of our emission:

  1. We consider the Gravity network to be a network of activity. The Index of Importance, that we have implemented into the protocol, incentivizes network participants to use Gravity Protocol for business and transaction activity, instead of just holding a token and selling afterward. That’s why we will not conduct an ICO or introduce public token sales. This is to help avoid having holders who buy new coins purely for speculative value.

  2. We believe that, according to Metcalfe’s law, the value of any network (including a blockchain network) is proportional to the number of network users. Therefore, we aim to spread our initial distribution evenly among a maximum number of interested users.

That is why we will reward involvement in protocol development as well as conduct an active faucet and airdrop distribution.

Here is the table of Gravity Protocol initial distribution:

Some pools will be released as soon as we launch the mainnet and some will be kept for a while until certain elements of the system are integrated. As an example, IPFS distribution pool will be kept until IPFS is integrated into Gravity Protocol.

Gravity Foundation pool will be frozen for a while and reserved as a basis for future research and protocol development, carried out by Gravity Foundation, an independent and non-profit entity.

Here are the pools that will be included in the initial distribution:

1) Airdrops.

We will conduct airdrops for the following blockchains’ token-holders:

Bitshares - 2.5%
We use Graphene code as a core, and so in keeping with our attitude of deep respect for Dan Larimer’s invention, we want to reward the community members involved in Bitshares.
EOS - 2%
Steem - 1.5%
Steem and EOS are both Graphene-based networks which are a part of Graphene ecosystem, and so naturally, we want to attract people, who support Dan Larimer’s ideas and philosophy, just as we do.
NEM - 1%
Because our development of the idea of Proof of Importance has been introduced by NEM, we will also reward top XEM holders.

2) Testnet workers - 10%

We will launch the public testnet at the end of May. We invite all developers and Graphene enthusiasts to run nodes and submit pull requests on our Github page.

We will reward active testnet participants with 10% emission pool.
In the case that we do not spend it completely during the testnet stage, the leftovers will be redistributed to the “Mainnet Workers” pool.

3) Investors closed round - 20%

We do not conduct any open token sales, however, since we have a lot of requests from crypto investors, a limited amount of Gravity coins will be sold. This pool will be partly frozen.

4) Core team incentive - 10%

Core team pool will be very limited since we do not want a single person to be able to influence the network. This pool will be vested for 1 year, with 25% being made available, or unfrozen, each quarter.

5) Cryptographic puzzles - 1%

We are fond of cryptography and solving math puzzles and so, we want to invite cypherpunks and anyone who is passionate about cryptography to join our network.

6) Faucet withdrawal - 4%

We will distribute this amount of Gravity tokens among everyone willing to download the wallet and provide KYC identity. We will need to identify individuals in order to avoid multi-accounting.

Next week we will publish an action plan and instructions for Public testnet participants along with the system of rewards your activity.

Stay tuned.

We'd like to do a community pre-announce for Gravity Protocol project at the BitShares Hangout #69 | 2018-4-28 | Sat @100PM UTC.

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EOS, BTS and especially STEEM are the major coins in my portfolio! Iam curious is there a Graphene wallet that can store all these? And how would the Gravity airdrop actually work out practically?

We're working on it now. Follow the news)

I use BTS as wallet with exchange built in.

This project seems interesting! Where can I learn more about it? The blueprint doesn't offer too much information regarding your goals and purpose.

Also, how do we claim our tokens from the Steem airdrop? How do we participate in the faucet and referral system and how do we download the wallet?

The wallet link on your website displays me an error 404.

Thanks for your time!

Wow seems really interesting. Looking forward to the launch!

"Steemit and EOS are both Graphene-based networks which are a part of Graphene ecosystem, and so naturally, we want to attract people, who support Dan Larimer’s ideas and philosophy, just as we do."

great idea your website is not secure and needs an ssl certificate as many will be put off entering their email address when they see top left of screen site not secure, needs a quick ssl certificate

This is not a problem. Now the website is simple. When the services are there, SSL will be there too. We are making great strides)

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How will the airdrops work? Do you need to register? Is it an ethereum or eos token?

The details about airdrop will later. It is not eos or ethereum token.

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good to see to have something for the steemit community. Good luck and best wishes for you guys.

Thanks. Yes, we will drop the coins to steemit holders once it will become possible to create custom tokens on Steemit network

wow..good to hear that.

Hi ,

I like the premise of the project. I am getting gateway timeout errors for the website though . I would like to have some more info on the testnet setup.

Thank you. This is planned in one of the following articles.

Thanks for the reply. Following you for further updates.

Is there an airdrop requirement for the location of the EOS tokens? do they need to be in a private wallet?

We're working on it now. Follow the news)

Which wallets/exchanges are going to support the airdrop?

We're working on it now. Follow the news)

I was not able to access the website. However, I am intrigued by the coin dispersal. I like how it is split up between different parties. Hoping the website comes back up so I can do a deep dive on the technology. is working. Do you have a problem now?

Interesting concept... I have followed to keep track (and up to date) off the progress, cheers!

You can join our dev chat in order not to miss a thing -


Great Article!
I have been a longtime fan of NEM, and of course BTS, and Steem!
So many new and exciting projects like yours and EOS!

I'm mostly involved in the BlackCoin community.

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