Andy Hoffman: Bitcoin is the New Gold! Blockchain technology is the amazon of retail

Our friend Andy is back for a much anticipated video discussing his changed views on gold & silver and the cryptocurrency space. Blockchain is taking the finance world by storm and investor as well as public demand is soaring with no top in sight. We respect Andy's opinions greatly and hope you will also.

01:10 Is blockchain taking over entire financial sector?
03:30 Will Bitcoin maintain dominance or fall to competition?
05:40 Andy says silver's monetary value is lost completely
06:50 Should we be scared bitcoin is going "mainstream"?
08:20 Are Bitcoin futures manipulated down?
10:30 What is & Crypto's rise
13:40 Andy confirms his beliefs on investing in silver
15:10 Future world reserve currency vs Gold
17:10 US Dollar, Trump, debt ceiling, stock market
18:40 Central banks too stupid to see their coming fall
19:15 Where to buy bitcoin & Andy's top crypto's
21:00 Get more from Andy Hoffman

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Bitcoin will replace golds.

The lightning network will allow Satoshi's vision of cash to come true. They did discuss lightning but did not implement it as it was too early to do so. Once it is cash and people use it on Amazon etc it will be crazy value always going up for over a century (I guess that is what you mean by being like Gold - no inflation - back to an opportunity to have your wealth in a gold standard that cannot be inflated away by government borrowing and money printing). Amazon will take it as they can make money on money from a purchase. It will coexist with the USD and Fiat though - like radio coexists with TV. But yeah like Gold I just think for a lot of people you need to explain what that means as I think many people don't understand how Gold was used up until recently as cash or why the Governments and Banks broke the link for their own ends and made holding wealth almost impossible in USD, GBP, EURO, Yen, Yuan etc. And with the property bubble at a fizzled out end well without BitCoin in the future you will need to work harder to cover government/bank theft via money printing of your wealth. Unless you are in BitCoin.

GREAT interview very helpful thank you so much!

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Very nice!!

wauhhh...great. The funny thing is that in Africa, only few people know about bitcoin and the blockchain technology. I only imagine if the world would learn about cryptocurrencies.

I think more should be done in Africa as most people rely on corrupt governments that deal with banks. People still believing in centralization, yet we are now living the era of decentralization.

Same thing could be said for some neighboring ME countries, most of these places are technologically poor but cell phones are creeping in everywhere. Still at this stage for Crypto I'm not sure it would the best option for a majority of peoples there. However, a good amount of those in larger cities could make some use of it.

Andy used to be on the SGT report and i listened to an interview where he was telling everyone to buy gold and silver and then at the same time sold all his silver, therefore lying in the interview. I just wanted to throw it in the mix before anyone takes his advice and commits any money based off it.

Good job Gameywatchman! Andy is a total fraud and if anyone is guilty of being a bitch to money its him. He just did and said what his bosses told him to say and the free markets are now paying him what his advice is actually worth...NOTHING. He is a loser that doesn't have a leg to stand on anymore and I'm confident both side shun him..the cryptocrap bitshit losers and the paper fiat currency lovers too. Many of them have told me to put my money where my mouth is and to short Bitshit..and I tell them the same thing I tell the Dollar Dipshits. I did short both fiats..I buy Gold and Silver. the ultimate short

We got to watch out for these shitbags, i dont trust much these days, the funniest part is when he had a temper tantrum on the show. I think he would sell his mother for a bit coin. Thanks for the comment, cant believe so many people still watch this duplicitous dick.

Russia and Turkey for the first time in the world trade between them using bitcoin it is wonderful it will be worth more bitcoin 💲💰💱💵☺

Reference please?

I live in turkey and follow the news

Andy Hoffman amazing news

Thank you for sharing this awesome interview!!

awesome. you the man!

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I would say blockchain is just the tech for the new and improved gold reserve system as well as equity exchanges... all and any exchange. Harder to game and millions are nose-diving into a trading education .. amazing times

And steemit is the future of media and social media!

This is a great post, I believe Bitcoin and gold are very comparable because it is something that is hoarded from its value since only a certain supply will ever be produced. Every millionaire won't even be able to hold a whole bitcoin.

377.589$ ... my god, it's my dream


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Amazon Decentralized: How Blockchain Tech Will Transform Online Retail?

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Hey, nice video.

Andy hoffman is a boss

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He is full of shit ❗️ Like tomorrow all industry is going to say no to silver ⁉️ Really Andy ⁉️ You don’t like silver because its worthless or did you strike a deal ⁉️ TRAITOR❗️ Even if silver may not be a good monetary vehicle it has many industrial uses , and like ZINC that is being ignored by these peasants , industry CAN NOT DO WITHOUT IT . Listen to me people and not these circus clowns trying to convince you that any rare earth metals have no value , because this is a LIE ❗️ZINC , COBALT and many other precious metals are very valuable to many industries and to ignore it would be more stupid then what the central banks are doing to the economy today .

good post , thanks for sharing

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Topics covered in interview are very much relevant. but what will the future of banks after complete dominance of Bitcoin?