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RE: Top 10 Industries that Blockchain Will Disrupt

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I hope to pay rent with delegating SP to the landlord. Or an office space by delegating SP.

Imagine a STEEM Powered co-working space.

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or paying rent with upvotes!

You just planted 0.10 tree(s)!

Thanks to @ucukertz

We have planted already
7595.48 trees
out of 1,000,000

Let's save and restore Abongphen Highland Forest
in Cameroonian village Kedjom-Keku!
Plant trees with @treeplanter and get paid for it!
My Steem Power = 26898.85
Thanks a lot!
@martin.mikes coordinator of @kedjom-keku

Paying workers salaries with your upvotes?

Paying worker salary with my upvotes = Slavery.

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Why do you think that? Interested to know!

we are paying part of the salary with upvotes :D

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