@eyegasm - This was the most epic trip ever. I published a short piece about our descending on Puerto Rico from around the world to bring the blockchain revolution to a place that most needs it. See you in NYC soon!

The revolution has begun...



Yes Josh excellent ! Defo could meet in Nyc these days !

Great news that Puerto Rico isnt being forgotten. Spent some time there a few years ago and we fell in love with the island. As an Air Force veteran that has assisted during Hurricane Katrina and several other peace and humanitarian missions it's so good to hear that this investment in the community and the people is happening!!! Wish I could be a part of this venture.

I live in Costa Rica and would like to see their implamentation plan as a similar idea would be very useful in this country also!

Puerto Rico is the base for this project but could be implemented of course in other places if we succeed !

Please keep me updated and in the loop on your design concepts and practical aplications!

What a wonderful place, did you use a particular picture profile for your Mavic? I love the colors

Hi ! Thanks, I used the D-cinelike plus color grading.

OMG, I want to be part of this project! Thanks for sharing.

Cheers fellas... I'm a Californian living in Rincon now. I'd be stoked to get involved whatever way I can with what you're doing. I've been involved with blockchain/crypto since 2012. Gimme a holler, It'd be great to meet you all and HASH this out....(pun intended). LOL

been working with the Harmony Guest House in Rincon :) say hey to Steve and Griselle if you're ever around!

It's really just a seed right now but things are moving fast, I don't have any direct contact to give right now but if you are in Puerto Rico you should hear of the SOL project soon enough, try to get in touch with people there.

Glad to see this. I had a similar thought that the island is ripe to rebuild something better. May 'Puertopia' rise and succeed. Let me know if I can help in any way. :)

please let me know how me & my father can help in this revolution, we'd love to be apart in changing our island! we live in the U.S. but don't mind moving, lol! seriously tho we really want to help!

I've been traveling/surfing in the great Island of Puerto Rico many years. Sure there is a lot "broken" but so much not. I'm also not stuck in the past and while I see a lot of hype around crypto and the blockchain all see the promise. Let's say I sip the KoolAid. My main concern after reading this, with respect, is what steps are being taken to be inclusive, additive, and respectful to the diverse and large culture that is there and not a massive gentrification project?

This is a decentralized empowering revolution my friend. Your fears are warranted with actions speaking the truth as Puerto Rico is restarted.

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