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Everything changed forever this week for me...EVERYTHING.

Advanced thinkers from all walks of life, some having never met previously before, all decided it was time to do something about the problem in Puerto Rico as it is a reflection of the larger problem America and other countries are soon to face. The world has changed and there are those rejecting this change, yet, those in Puerto Rico that understand this new world are embracing the blockchain revolution as their own.


The leaders of this world (most everyone I meet is SUPER skeptical of the blockchain, bitcoin, etc. as full disclosure!!!) had no fear as they firmly put their feet in the sand with no intention of shifting course away from helping anyone and everyone throughout Puerto Rico.

The block chain is an ideal solution set, along with incorporating existing technology frameworks and architectures, while addressing the biggest of needs being infrastructure, real estate and most importantly energy. Our group is steadfast to address all of these problems, to include healthcare, agriculture, and a place for the artistic community to call home. Moreover, our primary focus is to restore Puerto Rico to those that have been there the longest and have created this incredible culture over hundreds of years.


The block chain technology architecture provides a level of security and next-generation governance self-inherent through predetermined and evolving protocols, which is exactly what is needed on this beautiful island. The bitcoin Grand WIZARD (BP) made me a believer as it relates to this conversion to an epoch where all things are sustainable, available and resources are plentiful. The Silicon Valley connection, especially with target municipalities that I have personally worked with before and Puerto Rico, is quite possibly the most powerful piece of all of this as the government pays way too much money for their infrastructure.


By addressing these crucial problems and implementing next-generation technologies that reduce operating costs by 90% or more – hell yes we can make some serious impact and have change lives forever. This isn’t about going down there to make money, although that’s always a primary focus to establishing a foundation and keeping things going for the long-term, it is more so about the spreading of a new religion. It’s the religion of peace, it’s the religion of economy, it’s the religion of all things that are beauty and all things that we want for this world.


By decentralizing basically everything and working with government, utilizing this initial coin offering world that we now live in, with 24 seven energy that is not stupid expensive pretty much anything is possible. There are so many people that have a closed mind and think that things can only be done one or two different ways. This is the power of the block chain and tokenizing the foundation itself in order to take these quantum leaps that we so desperately want to impose.


I will keep posting the public information I can about what we are doing and the progress we are making. The people in our collective group from all over the world are some of the best and brightest in their particular fields. Furthermore, we move at lightning speed and I expect in the next six months for us to have a firm grasp of where were going over the next 36 months. It will be an incredibly arduous journey and one that will test us many times, for this, I look forward to the challenge.


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This is a pretty impressive drive that you guys are taking over there. Am sure that when the coin is finally put out for sale, lots of people will but into it. I am already following you so i can get updates from you. Well done

Amazing brother let's keep bringing more there :)

please back

Got any links where I can research this project more?

Not yet. They are coming! Stay tuned :)

Please keep us posted!

definitely interested in this too!

hey broo! I really am moved by stumbling across all of these articles in such a way that seems universally gifted, i have been trying to figure out how to get involved with these projects ever since I have heard Brock Pierce mention Puerto Rico as the destination for his next big project... I am puerto rican, living in the east coast and alll of my family is still on the island. I would love to have a more formal conversation if there is anyway I could fit in to help!

please tell me how i could participate with this movement!

This is the next frontier. Will to help you set up your health network. You will need one to succeed.

I am making my first trip to Puerto Rico soon. Please let me know how I can get involved with Cryptopia.


Can Canadians come too!? :)