Are you using the Brave browser already?

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Why would I start using a new browser if the one I use works just fine?


If there is something really hard for people to do, it’s not feel bothered by change. We get so used to something for so long that we don’t ask ourselves if there is something better, besides having a little bit of laziness and lack of interest for research.

And this is exactly the way I see everyone I know when I talk to them about using Brave browser instead of Chrome for example.

I knew about Brave long time ago, but I was also a victim of that “don’t have the time to read” attitude. Thankfully I realized right away the mistake I was making.

My intention in this post is to summarize as much as possible important reasons of why we should all be using Brave browser instead. I hope you will enjoy what I have put together.


The actual problem

Regardless of the level of importance you give to this, we have been used for so many years, we have become a product for big companies that uses all our content creation and data so they can make billions of dollars with our private and public information.

Some people will tell me the classic average comment: “I don’t have anything to hide and by the way, I am not a famous or rich person”.

Well, it’s not about what you have to hide or not, or how many digits you have in your savings account. This is about empowering the users and receiving fair rewards.

Google tracks our activity and collects our data, and sells that data to companies for a profit.

Have you ever experienced having a conversation with a friend about a specific topic, then go into your device to browse something else and suddenly, you start seeing ads and info related to that topic you were talking to your friend previously?


Many don’t know that this has nothing to do with coincidence. Google knows our conversations, behavioral patterns, pictures, everything!

Centralized platforms have grown so much and we have seen unethical behavior from them, for instance, the increase of the privacy and security breaches of our data. Facebook faced legal problems and expensive penalties because of the breach of their user data with the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Yahoo has also suffered from a massive data breach. And who knows what else has happened already with all our information that we still don’t know of.

Allow me to ask you: Do you consider it fair that these powerful centralized companies are making a lot of money with our data, and at the same time they gain more power? Where is the reward for the user?

At the end of the day it is thanks to the users that they are where they are today right?

The Solution

Disrupting the actual power structure, instead of these companies making all the profits for themselves by selling our data, the team behind the Brave browser wants to make an important change by balancing this power and give it back to us users and all the content creators.

With the Brave browser there is the creation of an ecosystem where ad revenue is decentralized by using a cryptocurrency called Basic Attention Token (BAT). For advertisers who want to invest in ads based on websites, they have to purchase the BAT token to use it for that purpose. On the other hand, users will get rewarded if they choose to view those ads.

In other words, Brave doesn’t make you feel like a product and brings power to the users.

The Brave browser not only brings a solution with it’s innovative ecosystem and it’s blockchain-based digital advertising platform. But it also provides a better user experience with it’s features.


So what is so cool about the Brave browser:

First of all, besides creating an ecosystem where everyone gets rewarded more fairly, it also provides better protection from unwanted data trackers, scripts and cookies.


You see, the majority of the people have no basic knowledge about how to play safe when you surf the web. Even me I feel I know nothing but I try to do my best to keep myself safe. So by setting up your Brave browser as your default, the users can feel safer from third party scripts since Brave blocks them.

I have included in my source Info below a link from where you can learn more about Scripts. But to give you an important example, the users are not responsible for how the websites we visit manage or make sure that all the data scripts properly remove our information, which an attacker can access and steal data, like credit card information for example. I am still learning more about all this, and the more I read, the more I am impressed about how little we know about security.

The blocking of phishing, malware, plugins, and malvertising are already set up as default with Brave. I personally think that it’s great for a regular user that has no idea what this means.

Like I said before, some people will prefer to be “comfortable” by keep using Chrome for example without actually learning the benefits of Brave. But guess what, last week in a crypto meetup I held, I talked about Brave, immediately my friends downloaded the browser and that same night I received a message from one of them saying that his browsing was faster with his low signal, that it was better than before.

Well, an approach that could help new users to see benefits is to start by saying that with the use of Brave, you use less data, besides a better battery consumption and a much faster browsing experience. This makes sense because Brave doesn’t load unnecessary and unwanted ads. From an economical point of view, it is very interesting.

Important to know...

Brave is an open source browser project based on Chrome. His creator, Mr. Brendan Eich, it’s the cofounder of Mozilla Firefox and the creator of the popular programming language Java Script.


When I first heard this, it really got me interested. Mozilla Firefox has been a good competitor and has had a good acceptance since it’s creation more than a decade ago. I suspect that in future years, newcomers and users will talk about Brave, just like we talk today about Mozilla Firefox, or web designers talk about Java Script.

About the Basic Attention Token (BAT)

The main focus of this post is about the benefits and the importance of the use of Brave, although a cake without the cherry on top, it's not a complete cake.


So to be clear, a lot of people call BAT a cryptocurrency, yes it runs on top the Ethereum network as an ERC20 token, but like the name says Basic Attention Token, it’s a token, not a coin. In fact, they state on their website that they don’t have the intention to make a digital currency out of BAT.
It’s considered a utility token because advertisers, publishers, and users can use it as a form of payment within the Brave ecosystem.

Brave also rewards websites and users for allowing certified ads. For example, if you as a user turn on the Brave Ads, you will be rewarded in BAT tokens at the end of each month, you will see it in your integrated wallet like in the picture below:


But here is the thing, you can’t send those contributions to an exchange, you have to use those earned BATs within the Brave ecosystem. By tipping verified websites and / or publishers by Brave, it’s an excellent way to use your earned tokens.

If you have your own website, youtube channel, or your own publications, you can easily sign up here: verify as publisher

I am sure I am missing a lot more useful information and features, so I invite you to visit their website and explore it, it is very user friendly.

I wish I would have known about Brave browser before, now I keep thinking that everyone that is into crypto, should already use the Brave browser as a default, or am I wrong?


Lastly, I wanted to share something with you. My trading professor, who is now my friend, and I created a website to participate as publishers in the Brave system.

The information on the website is for Hispanic people only, and it is about EOS strictly. We are translating all the important information and news we can, that are not translated in Spanish yet.

We upload the content, obviously referring to the main source. This has been well accepted by the EOS Hispanic community, since there are plenty of people in Latin america that don’t know any English at all and even if they can use tools as Google translator, they will probably miss information they may like to read, because they won’t know what the title of an article really means.

Are you ready to download Brave browser? You can do it here from our referral link: Download Brave

I hope you like this content, and if you already use Brave and would like to tip our verified website in Brave, you are welcome to visit us any time and see what we have done so far:


Thank You!


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I use it, and it's great. I didn't know about the connection with Firefox, interesting.

that was something that got my attention too, look how Firefox became an interesting competitor for Google through out the years. Thanks for passing by.

Sounds interesting, i will look more into it. Thanks for sharing, resteemed.

thank you!

As have triggered my brain for this. I have read about it more and more but then the focus was always on the BAT, and im not gonna watch ads for crypto, period. But the safety story makes sense in there..hmmmm
i might give it another shot

=) thank you. Brave is awesome, look how many unwated ads and tracks my Brave have blocked:


Regarding what you said, that's the cool thing of Brave, you don't have to see ads if you don't want to. Although in the future, if you know of friends that have their website and ads certified with Brave, you and them will be rewarded for checking those ads and visiting those websites. I think it's great!

I've been using it for months now and just love it! It's shocking how many trackers and ads are getting block through brave which is good though!

I know right? Thank you for passing by.

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I don't think Google is actually listening to our conversations if this was documented they would be in a very peculiar situation.

But otherwise good points made. And I will continue to use Chrome because I am a lazy ass and I'm used to it ;)