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crypto currency had been wildly adopted all over the world as a common means of exchanging (trade) since the launch of idea of bitcoin and the blockchain technology have enabled numerous communities to create their own currencies which can represent real value assets (belongings) and this system is technically programmed such that it can be well harnessed even by one who doesn't have a bank account .

However there is countless number of cryptocurrencies that already emerged over the years and all aim at being the dominant currency in the space.

In community so large as the blockchain, comprised of so many cryptocurrencies a platform for exchange and converting a currency to a preferred is very essential To this effect so many platforms have emerged as an exchange medium where such transactions and probably more could be done although record show s that a greater percentage of thid exchange platforms have various bottle necks which has raise instilled fear into crpto users and equally retarding the exponential adoption of this technology.

Outstanding pitfalls of most Exchange Platforms.

I think that at most cases the problem in a nut shell is that if these platforms just rush in to being an exchange platform with no accurate laid down plan on how they will manage this value (money) and they in their disability don't realize or turn to sick for solution to the platform surrounding it's operation such as


Most of this platforms are ineffective and insecure and this had led to lose of assets to hacks so much that so far record tell that crypto users have lost close to $100million USD worth of cryptocurrencies to hacks and other internal manipulation and external infiltration.

Fund MIsmanagement

In other cases most of these exchange platforms are being closed down by the government due to their inability to manage user fund's

Excess billing
Some of these platforms also charge so much commissions on transactions and other cases crypo users fall into scam site's which claim to be legitimate exchange platforms.

This and many more dragged my attention to come through aid of crypto enthusiast with information on a relief, I come with a platfom which will not be the best choice to crypto users and institutes bust also be an opportunity , in the course of this publication, will be talking about a platform that has been so efficient and dedicated in exchanging crypto and fiat currencies and has been well known by the European governments and other governments bodies and is also supported by Paymium do this gives users concrete security reasons to trust and use this exchange platforms people, behold I introduce
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For more information about feel free to make use of my references; Website Token Sale Page and Details Token Sale Contribution Guide Whitepaper Medium YouTube Telegram Twitter
[ Reddit](https://www.

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