ENECUUM: A Valuable Application of Blockchain Using Simple Devices

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Hello Steemians, it's with pride that I've come with an exceptional project which is finally pushing for mainstream adoption of the viable blockchain technology in a simple and uncomplicated way. The project is ENECUUM.

What is Enecuum?

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Enecuum is a contemporary decentralized blockchain platform created to simplify the use of fast, scalable, and highly secure services on decentralized applications – a valuable application of blockchain into commerce, using the simple computing power of mobile phones.

Enecuum uses HyperDAG technology, which is a data model for storing and writing transactions with flexible settings. HyperDAG also supports the creation of separate branches where the rules can be customized to solve numerous business issues and also integrates sharding technology which helps to resolve issues relating to scalability.

Users are able to take advantage of the untapped data processing capacity of the Enecuum platform when connected. The more devices connected, the higher the network speed with uncapped scalability potential due to the sharding technology.

The team behind Enecuum also developed SHARNELL Smart Contracts which uses formulae and business oriented logic, and this method ensures the reliable automatic certification of smart contacts prior to their publication on the system; this considerably reduces potential issues that may arise.

Additionally, Enecuum uses a “Trinity” hybrid consensus algorithm, which combines the Proof of Work, Proof of Stake and Proof of Activity algorithms. The Proof of Activity is used in two stages, PoA miners can reach consensus to form teams of 64, and each of these teams validates chains of 62 microblocks with 40 transactions each. This mechanism increases the platform’s security and decentralization levels, and also makes it possible for any smart device connected to the network to confirm transactions. The Proof of Activity also offers a hardware-friendly approach to mining, as the only thing it requires is a strong and stable internet connection.

Mobile phone mining is also a key feature in Enecuum. Its mining component was developed on an improved version of Bitcoin-NG, which allows the mining of various network blocks in parallel. This is one of the ways Enecuum plans to accomplish a high transaction output in the future.

The ENQ is the original token of Enecuum. Enecuum supports Tickets, which are cryptographic alternatives for their tokens, and are freely transferrable between Enecuum users and can be used in branches where ENQ is not circulated. The major purpose of these Ticket branches is to enable the creation of a flexible, blockchain ecosystem for easy communication between businesses and their customers. Miners are given rewards based on the size of their blocks, thereby encouraging them to publish transactions.

One major advantage of Enecuum is its adaptive system. Its users can take part in its development and vote for favoured ideas that can be used to improve the system functionality.

Enecuum’s architecture is currently capable of supporting macroblocks of unlimited size; which allows system protocol to scale accordingly with the constantly increasing computation power of the network.
What sets Enecuum apart from other similar projects is what it offers – scalability, security and speed. These three benefits ensure that businesses that incorporate Enecuum technology will achieve an impressive throughput of up to one million transactions per second.

Enecuum aims to create a decentralized ecosystem that brings blockchain and cryptocurrency to the masses, by involving people with regular mobile and desktop devices into the blockchain network, as well as providing the powerful tools for dApps developers to create fast and affordable applications for millions of people.

This is a simple review, over the coming days, I'll be taking you on an exciting journey of using Enecuum fully. Till then, follow the following links and also download the Enecuum app on https://app.enecuum.com/



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