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Many people around the world today want to work for themselves as opposed to the centralized approaches to employment. Rather than working for hours on end in the conventional business environment, many smart individuals would instead delegate the same time working on a freelance basis. Indeed, freelancing comes with many benefits, such as providing you with enough time to handle other tasks, while offering higher pay, provided you worth your onion and know how to make the right pitches. It’s in the light of those that the global freelance industry has been on an astronomical rise with a fortune pegged at over $3.7 trillion.


One might be forced to believe that the market share of the freelance industry is similar to the value propositions accruable to the participants. On the flip side, many freelancers and their clients are gradually losing faith in freelancing. Some of the reasons are detailed below.

First, there is lack of transparency in the system. In most cases, freelancers or remote workers tend to exceed the deadlines and any other guidelines behind the proposed agreement. Second, it’s hard to identify a genuine freelancer or client from another that is not. Third, the global freelance industry has been structured in a way that the centralized platforms like Upwork and Fiverr have overt control over the system while controlling more of the finances.



Blockchain technology has been here for over a decade. Those that followed the trajectory of this innovative technology would agree that it has brought massive developments to various sectors of the global economy. It’s in the light of it that the launch of the Freelanex platform. So, read on to discover some of the features that make Freelanex the perfect platform for both freelancers and the clients.

Smart Contracts

The smart contract is one of the innovative technologies exclusive to the blockchain technology. As an underwriter to contracts, it helps to bolster trust, transparency, and confidence, which are the primary aims of the Freelanex platform.

In this instance, the Freelanex smart contract performs many duties, such as guaranteeing the contracts between the seller (freelancer) and the buyer (employer/client). Once the communication has been forged, the contract proceeds to monitor the process until the freelancer is through with the job or task. In the end, the smart contract would await the buyers’ decisions about the delivered jobs. If they are satisfactory, then the Freelanex smart contract would release the pay or funds for the same to the seller/freelancer.

Data Verification

In a system where the identity of the users is non-verifiable, it can be challenging to discover or trace the users when things go south. That informed the reason behind the data verification model of the Freelanex platform whereby the platform evaluates and authenticates the information shared by the users before continuing with the project.



The fortunes and booming of the global freelance industry is just about to grow the more with the debut of the decentralized variation created by Freelanex. So, if you’re a freelancer or an employer in that industry, this is the right time to jump aboard the fascinating and more secure freelance economy as introduced by Freelanex.


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