Disrupting the Global Supply Chain: A multi-trillion industry!

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Did you know that the cost of transportation logistics in US alone amounts to 1.5 trillion USD on a yearly basis out of which 70 billion USD are spent on aerial freight? This substantial number makes this industry a very attractive investment opportunity. The most common transported goods that go through supply chains are food, furniture, clothing and electronics, the stuff that people can usually order online. Whether it’s by land, air or sea, the receiver or the parcel usually has no idea of the sheer size of what’s going on behind the scenes of delivery.

However, given the fact that the majority of the online retailers are giving free shipping it’s becoming harder to stay competitive in this giant industry. Some of the current issues of the market would have to be the following:

  • Third party service providers that bump up the total costs
  • Theft and damage policy insurances
  • Paper-based systems that can result in parcel misplacements or loss
  • Inefficient space usage at any stage of the delivery

There have been numerous attempts to disrupt this mammoth industry, but most of the technologies fail as they do not provide any real added value or do not solve any of these issues. Enter blockchain technology, a wonder of the 21st century that promises to address all of these issues.

The OEL Foundation: Open Enterprise Logistics supercharged by Blockchain technology!

By building a robust open-source architecture that’s based on an enterprise-grade blockchain, OEL wants to revolutionise the world of logistics. The core system is tailored to reduce costs and improve transaction speeds but also give the ability to scale operations at an unparalleled level. Given the tamper-proof nature of the blockchain, users can rest assured that their data is completely safe as it’s stored on the append-only distributed ledger.

With a transparent and open governance system, OEL will be able to ensure high standards for all of the participants in the supply chain. By implementing the Smart Contracts, supply companies can create reward systems for data sharing or other actions that benefit the entire infrastructure.

An entire array of benefits for the early adopters of the OEL network!

Using OEL, users will finally get rid of any paper-based documents ranging from transmitting orders to delivery receipts. Driving a productive ecosystem, OEL will have an immutable and query-ready public ledger that will account for every transaction or procedure done through it thus providing a high level of transparency.

Using a decentralised architecture, the users of OEL will bypass many intermediaries that are currently assuring the reliance of supply chains worldwide. Should you be interested in participating in this project you can do so by purchasing some of the 100 million OPN tokens generated out of which 60% are up for sale in the various stages of the token generation events. The price per OPN token is pegged at 0.50 USD. Be sure to check their site https://oel.foundation/ for more details about the project!

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Graet to see you that you have lot of information about blockchain transportation technology. Its look like a great businessman person skills.

Hi @danizaharie, It's really interesting to reading valuable content of OEL network. Seems big opportunities there for future succeed in blockchain. You had perfect knowledge of blockchain system and how it's working around platform. This is a better ability to order through online of necessary needed goods to customers. Nice you decided to shared valuable one.

Wow i think u r great business men because u have all record in transportation technology blockchain it's mean u r doing work on it because u have great knowledge about this u share US transportation budget on every year it's mean u do search about this and also give Me tips I am New here want to learn from u

The Open Enterprise Logistics (OEL) Foundation is a non-profit organization providing governance and resources for the development of the OEL blockchain ecosystem. The OEL ecosystem comprises the open-source OEL Enterprise Architecture.

Buna Dani, te-am descoperit din intâmplare prin eSteem Surfer. Am remarcat ca nu ai aprobat decât 9 martori (din 30 posibili) si deja printre cei 9 sunt 3 care au oprit serverele: bacchist, bitcoiner si jerrybanfield. Impreuna cu un prieten am lansat si noi un martor, @lux-witness (suntem bazati in Luxembourg, de acolo numele). Te invit sa arunci un ochi la ce facem si poate daca nu esti in dezacord ideologic sa ne dai si noua un approval. Iti furnizez deja un "one click link"


Nice inform , every writing on blockchain information most important . This is very helpful for steem worker .
Thanks for sharing @danizaharie


"I'm new to Steemit and just did my introduction post! So happy to meet and follow new people ! Looking forward to more awesome posts from you!

"I'm new to Steemit and just did my introduction post! So happy to meet and follow new people ! Looking forward to more awesome posts from you!

Great man. You are a brilliant in business. A lot of information about block chain will alway take you on a high. Well. I wish learn from you more about block chain. I am newly intrested in block chain.

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I've heard of many approaches to create systems where blockchain based smart contracts replace normal business procedures. I'd be fascinated to see what happens when one of these programs actuall catches on.

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awesome concept sir..i like this..thanks for share your inportant concept.