DataWallet - Easy Data Exchange And Blockchain Profile Service

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To understand what DataWallet is and what it has to offer, you need to understand how it works. The architecture is easy to understand, and works great as an "online hub" to help you manage your decentralized profile.

In essence, DataWallet gives you the ability to keep adding to your already respectable Blockchain reputation by listing ALL your accomplishments in one easy place. It looks very good to corporate entities to see that you've taken the time and effort to create a data exchange and business collaboration profile. Showing them what you're worth on the Blockchain can be done with just a few mouse clicks!

DataWallet Pays You To Sell Your Profile To Interested Buyers!

Payouts can vary between $1-$50, but the average payout is about $10 for a single DataWallet profile. Businesses are always trying to find out what people are interested in the most, what influences their purchasing decisions, and how consumer habits are changing.

They try and learn this information in an effort to make their products better, and/or understand what products should be in development. With just 100 DataWallet user profiles in the same category (such as entrepreneurs who make $30,000+ per year with 5+ years experience), large scale businesses get the information they need to "connect the dots" and add to/redesign their current product lineup and advertising techniques.

And it's true, the better you do in business (as far as annual salary goes), the more companies are going to want to learn from your profile. And it does make sense : Learn from people doing well in business through purchasing their accomplishment data. DataWallet profile marketplace eliminates the possibility of legal quandaries about privacy rights, and both sides get what they want. It's a Win-Win!

DataWallet - The More Safe And Responsible Data Exchange Service

DataWallet, with the help of new Ethereum Blockchain technology, keeps all data transfer risk and responsibility "locked" to the wallet owner themselves. The use of Peer-2-Peer technology eliminates "middleman" involvement, so there's no chance of "third party" corruption and crime to take place. And if a crime does get committed through the DataWallet service, the involvement/blame stays with the wallet owner. And it's permanently recorded on the Blockchain in the form of publicly accessible records.

One too many times, "middlemen" have gotten businesses and individuals into trouble that shouldn't be possible. The problem lies mainly in most laws being designed to protect and serve law obeying people, and criminals taking advantage of this by using it nefariously. After all, there's no law stating that a criminal can't own a business, and therefore, criminals most often use the legal currency backed by their business ownership (guise) to fuel their crime sprees.

DataWallet Is Strictly Peer-2-Peer With High-Tech Privacy And Features!
"Just Say No" To The Already Corrupt Centralized Data Establishment!
Use Our Decentralized DataWallet Instead!

If you'd like more information on DataWallet, be sure to check out their homepage at

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Hmmm really interesting, I think I may get in on the ICO, and grab some more after the ICO from any panic sellers.

Basically, they're acting as a direct middleman to companies that want to buy data/information about people. So rather than you having some data, it being used by X company, then bought from X company by Y aggregate company, sold to Z company, Datawallet collects your data directly (only the data you want sold) and then gives you the money from the sale of that data, rather than some other company (or companies).
The data you give is stripped of identifiable information and put in a pool so it isn't linked back to you. So you link stuff like your Facebook, Instagram, even debit/credit card transaction data and then it's aggregated and sold and you get paid for your data.
Their philosophy (from what I can tell), is basically that if you're on the internet, your data is being collected and sold pretty much no matter what you do, so you might as well have some control over it and get paid for that data while you're at it.


I'd still hate having my profile shared online as you can become targets of hackers as they know if your accounts are worth targeting. I wouldn't mind using it to see other's profile :)

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Is Datawallet planning to let develop apps on top of the data layer - give developers the ability to build their own AI services?


i think this is a very salient question...i also need to know


Yes, that’s exactly what they are building the API for.

If I understand correctly, if your data is being sold anyway, why don't you sell yours through DataWallet, right?


That's right :)

Thank you @danizaharie! This sounds extremely interesting. I never would have guessed this was coming. The more it think of it the more it makes sense.

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This is really a new innovation in our world today. Having a virtual wallet or data wallet. This is really great. I think i foind this so interesting. This will lead people to a safer mode then before. Having this data wallet will create more space, more time with effortless work. Thank you!!

Ethereum Blockchain technology everywhere you go ...great innovation

Thank for the post very helpful

ala vanguardia en tecnologia conectiv

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