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Articles written in English that are submitted before the deadline specified below qualify for the contest:

Submission Start Time: 6:00 AM UTC, Tuesday, 16 October 2018
Submission Deadline: 6:00 AM UTC, Monday, 22 October 2018

We’re looking for great writers to submit articles about’s upcoming exchange and their current live crowdsale!

(Please ensure you carefully read and follow the contest and submission rules.)

Whether you’re a debut author, a crypto enthusiast, or simply looking to flex your creative muscles, you’re participation in our contest is welcome. With your articles we seek to raise greater awareness about, which is an upcoming crypto exchange out of France that is currently holding their crowdsale.

Prize Pool Total: $310 USD in STEEM equivalent (~370 STEEM at time of writing)

The prize pool will be rewarded to the top 10 entries as follows:

1st to 3rd Place: $60 worth of STEEM
4th to 7th Place: $25 worth of STEEM
8th to 10th Place: $10 worth of STEEM

(BCIO tokens may also be provided to all winners in addition to the above prizes pool however this is yet to be confirmed.)


All articles must be submitted by Monday, 22 October 2018, 6:00 AM UTC in order to qualify for the contest. Late entries will not be considered.

What is - Your Gateway to the Internet of Value is an upcoming cryptocurrency exchange based out of Paris, France. Founder and CEO, Pierre Noizat, founded one of Europe’s first EURO to Bitcoin fiat exchanges, Paymium, back in 2011, which has been hack-free since 2013. is an exchange with a centralized orderbook for rapid and efficient trading, and offers the option of decentralized settlement so that users may trade safely in a trustless manner. serves as a hybrid semi-centralized exchange (a solution Vitalik Buterin has praised in the past) as they provide the speed and reliability of a centralized exchange, with the safety and security of a decentralized exchange with users not being required to deposit funds on the exchange in order to trade. will additionally offer advisory and technology services for projects and companies that are seeking to launch ICOs in the near future.

With high standards set to comply with regulations, the team seeks to remain as transparent and compliant as possible in all of their practices. This includes working closely with the French government and authorities in advising on upcoming crypto regulations, as well as independent experts conducting technical and financial audits on the exchange. is currently in the middle of the crowdsale for their BCIO tokens, which is set to finish October 25 2018, 6:00 AM UTC. The beta version for the exchange is set to be released in the coming weeks, with the launch of the official exchange in November 2018.’s Vision

In partnership with Paymium, seeks to become the #1 European cryptocurrency exchange by 2020. This vision is accomplished by helping the expansion and growth of the “Internet of Value” by serving as a gateway allowing new users and traders to enter the digital world of cryptocurrencies. Features

■Decentralized settlement through use of cross chain atomic swaps
■Leveraging Paymium’s advanced technological architecture and software
■98% of funds kept in cold wallet as a strengthened security measure
■Integration and implementation of advanced cryptographic protocols leveraging Lightning Network, Rootstock, Tumblebit technology, and more
■Liquidity services for traders, markets, and projects
■Peer to peer lending and proprietary lending for users are available
■New token listings and token airdrops to BCIO holders
■BCIO utility token provides users with discounted trading fees and survey participation rights for new listings and more


Paymium is’s parent company and is Europe’s first Bitcoin exchange founded in 2011 that also offers a service compliant with European regulations. Paymium has over 180,000 users that will be incentivized and encouraged to join and trade on’s ecosystem once it is launched.

Paymium has received venture backed funding from notable venture capitalists and hedge funds such as Gattaca, Newfund, Kima Ventures and more. Dedicated in the success of, Paymium has committed $2.3M of its own treasury funds to further support the development and operations of (No BCIO tokens were involved in this commitment).

BCIO Token Use
-Discounted Trading Fees
-Payment of platform fees using BCIO token
-Weighted token airdrops from new token listings
-Survey participation voting rights for the development of the exchange and new token listings
-Loyalty rewards and campaigns for BCIO token holders

Crowdsale is currently in the third week of their crowdsale and their crowdsale is set to finish October 25, 2018, 6:00 AM UTC. There is no softcap for the crowdsale as the exchange will be developed regardless of the total amount raised.

In the first 7 days of the crowdsale, $1.2M USD was raised despite the current market conditions. All unsold tokens will be burned, meaning the exchange could enter the market with an usually low market cap for a project of this stature Crowdsale.png

BCIO tokens will be unlocked December 2018, following the launch of the exchange in November 2018.

There is also an additional 5% referral bonus available for the referrer and the referee, to qualify, a contribution must be made using a referral code that is equal to 100 Euros or more.


Write at least a 450 word article about!

Some questions you can write about:
What makes unique as an exchange that helps them stand out from other exchanges?
What are their views toward regulatory compliance? And what are the possible advantages of such a view?
What are the unique features of
How does the exchange offer users extra security and reliability?
What is the connection between and Paymium? And how will Paymium support
Why would readers want to participate in’s crowdsale? How could they participate in the crowdsale?

Make sure to cover the crowdsale and token sale details. Including unsold tokens being burned, no softcap, a 5% contribution bonus, and an additional 5% more from a referral bonus for any contributions made above 100 Euros using the referral code: emwinVWrVCzugXiWVP3z

To submit your article into the contest please perform the following two steps:

  1. Post the link to your article as a reply and comment to this post.
  2. Resteem this contest post.

All submissions will be judged after the deadline, shortly followed by an announcement of the top 10 winners.


  • Article must be at least 450 words, we recommend keeping the article to under 1.6k words.
  • Write a review covering’s cryptocurrency exchange, their features, and also cover their on-going crowdsale and how readers can participate.
  • IMPORTANT: The post must include mention that if readers contribute more than 100 Euros in the crowdsale using the referral code emwinVWrVCzugXiWVP3z they will earn a 5% bonus.
  • Any plagiarised submissions, copy pasted material, or word spinning efforts without attribution to sources using quotes will have their submission disqualified.
  • Only articles written in English will be accepted.
  • Link to’s website and their token sale page at least once so that readers can visit and read more about them.
  • Submit your work before the deadline time, articles can be edited up until the deadline.

How winners are decided
All submissions will be assessed by a small team of judges, and they will have the final say on the top 10 winning articles.

Recommendations and Judgment Criteria:

  • Ensure that spelling and grammar is correct for the article
  • Make sure to mention’s crowdsale and what the exchange is about
  • Originality and creativity in your article earns extra brownie points
  • Technical proficiency and a clear explanation of exchange features and how they ultimately benefit end-users and traders
  • DO NOT simply copy and paste from the white paper or other sources unless it is used as a quote

Additional Links and Resources: Website Token Sale Page and Details Token Sale Contribution Guide Whitepaper Medium YouTube Telegram Twitter Reddit

Good luck and have fun!


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Interesting. I'll put in an entry. Deadline?

Remember to attach the link to this Post. Happy Writing
Submission Deadline: 6:00 AM UTC, Monday, 22 October 2018

Thanks. Would do.

This is good. You should be expecting my entry

We look forward to your submission :)

I like the contest and would definitely try to participate in this contest.

We are happy to hear that! Please do join and support our Writing Contest


Here is my completed submission for your consideration.

Is there a prize for being the first entry? :)

This is great, you're definitely the first one. We will keep this in mind the next time we host a writing contest to reward those that make submission early, especially for the 1st Submission. I'll keep you updated surrounding Bonuses and Extra's

Sometimes I think holding off till the end to submit has advantages. More time to edit, assess the competitors submissions and so on. To counter this, maybe some sort of incentive for early entries is a good idea. Upvotes for the first X entries, @steembasicincome share (mutually beneficial in the long run) or some other bonus will create more hype and awareness for your competition and likely more entries. Just a little free feedback for your consideration.

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I just came across this contest entry is on the way

I would like to participate, I will try.

:) thank you for participating, we look forward to hosting more writing contests and events in the future

I hope to participate, thanks for the invitation.

Feel free to invite others :) Happy writing

Good!! I'll try! :)

Don't forget to resteem and share your link here before the deadline!

This is awesome ... Expect my entry

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