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We have probably heard many times about how the blockchain and the world of decentralization have the power to give back power to common users instead of multinationals.

Honestly today we are far from getting as promised by the blockchain, and probably many will have also noticed with the collapse that continues since the beginning of 2018. But let's hypothesis invest, and imagine for a second that the market is bullish, that BTC is around $ 40,000- $ 60,000 promised and that an idea like Datum is presented to us, yes, I'm quite obliged to mention an optimal market, because with what happened with the Facebook issue, I'm not too sure that many will smile at the idea to use Datum.

What is it?
Datum is very simple, an app that pays us to share data with the decentralized server.

Let's immediately quote some examples from the website:

If we connect our email address, Datum's artificial intelligence will be able to read our emails and perform market analysis for potential customers, for example, an Apple retailer will be able to use Datum to analyze how many people have received pre-emails. order for the new iPhone.

If we connect our current account instead, Datum can see in peace how much we spend and where we spend every day. A supermarket can then use Datum to calculate the best day during the week, or during the month, where people spend more to shop.

I have not invented these two examples, but they are proposed directly on the website ( https://datum.org/ ). Honestly, there are two very disturbing examples .... I do not have much interest in keeping my expenses secret, and I use my credit card for things where privacy is not too important, but I realize that for many people this may not be the case, also because I moved on privacy coins just to keep personal all the transactions that I do not want anyone to see. Probably the same goes for my inbox ... would I ever connect my most active address? Obviously not, but maybe what I use for spam yes, because in the end we know, we all have a second address where we throw a little 'anything.

The system does not stop at the two examples mentioned, but also offers additional options such as uploading your documents to run an easy KYC whenever you want.

In truth there is a Beta version available for both Android and iOS, and I sincerely want to try. The reason why I'm interested in trying it out is that I do not believe the Datum team has come to develop exactly what they're saying.

I analyze two simple points:

To have a sure KYC someone has to verify that the documents are real, instead I expect more a solution similar to that of Civic where anyone can load a little 'what you want.

The only app I know of to get access to credit card transactions is Yodlee, and the system is not even supported for all the banks in the world, indeed, outside the US the system is quite limited. I strongly doubt that Datum has obtained partnerships with several banks and is able to obtain access to these services.

Considering these simple two points I do not think the system today has privacy threats, and even if I had said as before I will use the email for spam and some false information, also because I think this is the best possible test that can be done . If a customer buys data that is not real, the system will have no future in any way, if instead, Datum, could pick up exactly what is true and what is false, then we could find a non-indifferent technology.

More details:
Official website: https://datum.org

Whitepaper: https://datum.org/assets/Datum-WhitePaper.pdf

Telegram: https://t.me/datumnetwork

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/datumnetwork

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