Any Steemit Competitor Out There? A Layman´s Perspective

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  The idea of a blockchain-based social network is very attractive in terms of openness, lack of censorship and content monetization without any middleman. For this reason, a number of projects have been announced in the last few years which could be potential competitors to Steemit.   

 A recent Nasdaq article  mentions a few active projects (Steemit is mentioned first!) One of them is  Akasha

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Their team has strong credentials (Vitalik Buterin is an advisor). Some time ago I did download an application containing their Alpha release. To me, a non-technical user, it feels bulky and slow. You need to download a client, then synchronize with the blockchain…argh! Let´s say that they are not ready yet to compete with Steemit…

Synereo is a similar story... great ambitions, great technology, but…not there yet. They recently announced  Qrator. Very nice on paper…we'll see how it goes…

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 Yoyow is a China-based project which was announced recently. According to them: “Yoyow will become the Blockchain version of Facebook, Quora and Zhihu …Compare to our competitors (steemit, decent etc.), yoyow has many advantages: Firstly, the yoyow Blockchain is built on Graphene framework that provide fast confirmation speed, and use a new consensus algorithm – PoF (proof of flow)”. Clearly, it sounds interesting.

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Last but not least, I've come across the Ubermensch project, which seeks to build a “decentralized LinkedIn” aimed at the crypto business community.  They propose, among other things, to decentralize business processes by performing e.g. collective due diligence on new projects. Needless to say, this also sounds quite interesting.

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Steemit is well-placed to capitalize on its incumbent's advantage here, coupled with possibly the best blockchain technology around. As long as sign-up bottlenecks are kept at bay, I believe Steemit is here to stay and rule :-) 


So important steemit keeps moving forward and keeps ahead of the trend. Hopefully we will be out of beta soon and can see a slick looking website. Functionality is absolutely key of course but we really need to tart this baby up now!

It's simply that Steemit is much more than a common social media. Or just a blockchain social media. It's potential is endless.

Akasha might have a good hold in the market. Vitalik Buterin is an Advisor to the Akasha Team. Always bet on a good Team.

Check my post out, I have an idea that I want to develop, I am trying to get the attention of potential developers/ programmers, could you resteem this post and upvote it so I can get some developers on board. Here is the post

Thanx for bringing awareness of these projects. gonna take a sneak peak at that last one you mention to see how it works out.

“decentralized LinkedIn” aimed at the crypto business community.

Nice! Out of the projects youve mentioned - Which do you think will progress the most and why?

It's a very difficult question. I would just say that the last project is the one I am most curious about. ..

Thank you for sharing!

Why do people say that Synereo has "great technology?" Their technology guy left like 6 months ago.

thanks for the roundup, did anything become of taringa's btc reward system?

Never heard. ..I'll google it...

I do not doubt the potential of Steemit, however from a trading standpoint
Synereo AMP is interesting to watch
I would not be surprised to see it going x10 in the next few months

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