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Hey Capitalist J's

The primary reason I blog on this site is that, well everyone I come into contact with every day thinks I'm a complete loon. I've learned never to give my opinion on anything and when I'm asked and I give my honest opinion, well its immediately shut down by feelings, anecdote evidence and raising your voice and repeating what you say.

I'm not saying I'm always right, I'm just saying if I put up a point, feel free to counter it with something with any sort of substance. One thing I often debate is economics, politics and cultural norms and behaviours.

It seems like everyone has an answer as to why things are shit and my answers are just too radical and outlandish to be real. Could I be the Black David Icke? I think my main issue is that I cannot simply accept an opinion if theres nothing backing it.

Sometimes I feel like I'm taking crazy pills and that I need to be on whatever everyone else is on, because for the life of me. I cannot see what they see!


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All of us are equal, equally fucked!

I grew up in socialist democracy, its a lot like a socialist state but you get to vote for one of the same choices that preserve a system doesn't really work all that well. If socialism worked why do we still have an ever-growing divide between the haves and the haves not?

Crony capitalism and corporate socialism has been the order of the day and is labelled capitalism by those who don't understand how these systems work. This pursuit of equality of outcome is a farce, it will never happen and shouldn't happen.

Give the free market a chance

Some people are just going to be better at their jobs or have more talent and resources than others. Some are going to be smarter than others and by that regard should be allowed to flourish. This is the free market and it's a beautifully elegant solution. Its poetry in motion, earning your market value for the goods and services you produce?

I think the free market concept has a marketing problem, its been lumped in with anything that is profit-driven and basically making profits a bad.

Blaming the Big C

So why do capitalists get all the blame? Because it pays to be the bad guy! What people don't understand is your bank, your government and your private enterprise is one thing. They are by no means competing with one another for dominance and regulating one another.

They are all extensions of one signal entity that extracts wealth from the working class. Workers create wealth via their labour and paid for it with an artificial market price. The rest is used to hedge bets and make money through arbitrage and redistributing income in a trickle-up fashion.

Your labour sets the value, then they can go out and print and move around money that now has value and makes themselves rich. Do you think a conglomerate of corporates could do that by themselves? No.

  • Banks create the money supply and redistribute it to corporates to pay staff and create goods and services that create wealth and give money value and demand
  • Government takes money from the banks to create state-owned service and civil services that create wealth and give money value and demand
  • Governments absorb the value of labour through tax and redistribute that to corporates and banks through a number of policies
  • Corporates move their money into banks and pay off governments to provide policies that allow them to continue extracting wealth from the mineral and labour markets in the country

What a tangled web we weave

It's all an interconnected weave that could not happen if it wasn't one central plan, it would not run so smoothly if it wasn't.

Corporates are happy to be the black sheep of the 3 while the other 2 sorts of brush their tainted reputation under the rug. I think assigning blame allows people to have a target in their sights, they have something they understand something to distract them from what's actually going on and why blaming capitalism is the perfect mask for it all.

But then again, what do I know? I'm just a raving lunatic online without evidence and a pot to piss in. Lol, I will continue to plug my voice online perhaps it will reach other delusional people.

For now, this Che signing off! Beam me up scotty!

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I wouldn't call your brand of being informed at all Icke'ish but I'm by no means a good barometer for sanity..

It's worth noting that having a decent grasp on the geopolitical socioeconomics can make one feel like a crazy person, because well there is no shortage of illogical twisted manipulations within those systems. Nobody ever said, getting nearly 8 billion, soon to be 10 billion people that think they have unique needs and wants, when in actuality we all want the same things to function adequately.

I mean that's a helluva goal to just have a civilization that can meet the most base level survival necessities, water, shelter and food. Realising that we as a society are failing to provide these things make attaining decent healthcare, education, technology, public works, and wealth distribution the stuff of fantasy..

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It makes me sick to see how many people just have these blinkers on!

Like fine if you want to be ignorant and do nothing about your situation but then don’t sit and complain about your shit!

Don’t dismiss the actual reality but create a reality that suits your bullshit.

8 Billion people is not something any centralized planning can handle in my opinion!it will continue to fail more and more people but the lengths at which people are willing to accept this system regardless of how bad it gets is near infinite

Throws a wrench in the necessity is the mother of invention thing eh? Complacency kills and fear will only inspire people just enough to cause them to scurry into a huddled mass where there’s a false sense of security. Strength in numbers or fish in a barrel ?

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I don't say to much to most people as they also think I am crazy so I just pretend to be the same.

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Lol yeah the best is just to keep your crazy opinions to yourself! If you can’t keep in line with what everyone’s thinking and doing you better hide it

You wouldn’t want to shake up Their fragile view of the world

They don't like there world view challenged 🤣

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Problem with Steemit is that 'birds of a feather stick together ' . It's hard to have debates because people prefer to cosy up to others they agree with and ignore those they don't.

O just find what you write interesting and am simply too thick to give coherent answers to a lot of what I read here .

However, labels are a curse. They lead people into blinkered self-identification.

I have no problem with capitalism. My problem lies with greed. Individual greed which them manifests itself into corporate greed and then within an individual, can become jealousy .

Jealousy and greed are evil emotional tables upon which most of the world's ills can be laid.

As for blame. I find it easier to blame religion. All of it. That way I'm right purely based on the fact the the majority of the world believe in some form of God and thus if I blame religion for everything, probability says the real culprit will be in there somewhere !

Good morning by the way :-)

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I don’t see that tribalism as too much of a bad thing it’s all about providing a space for everyone’s opinions!

The content everyone produces will eventually provide bridges! We can’t force discourse, those who want will eventually engage.

Labels make it easier to break things down into simple variables! So left and right, easy! Having more options and considerations makes it harder to polarize people and mobilize them and keep them focused on the minutia of various issues and not the Macro

I grew up catholic and I always thought people used it as a crutch! They will act like shit heads and then be like oh in religious it’s fine! As long as you have a fall back or someone to blame then you can reduce or have no accountability

But labels polarize things and provide such narrow criteria unless, like religion, we start diluting the criteria and providing new labels. Eventually, the ultimate result is a label for each person.....I have that label already, my name, and I am happy to be individually defined and identified by that alone.

Nepotism is everywhere, in some places its more obvious than others. It is thoroughly depressing. You find it here on Steem as well. :)

Oh I agree, any power structure that has a hierarchy will have it, it’s unavoidable! I don’t think there’s even a way to break the cycle!

It’s engrained in us to suckle the power teet and not ask questions

Except for when you ask questions, knowing the answers and see the maggots underneath their skin squirm. Had my local politician doorknock a while back. Nice man, but completely divergent views.

An unproductive, tokenistic conversation is generally the only outcome from "questions". It makes me so distressed when people fail to see the bigger picture.

I think you write nice post.

Thanks mate, appreciate it

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