A Brief Summary About ONAM.

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The crypto world is faced with a future problem which few realise, the rigid infrastructure which almost all exchanges use would not be capable of supporting mass adoption in the future. This would lead to loss of new crypto enthusiasts as well as meaningful projects.

ONAM is a platform which has the future in mind. It is a blockchain based platform that is scalable, secure and is built to suit both current and future requirements of retail and institutional traders and also ofrers excellent customer support and compliance.

ONAM offers the following solutions;


Hacking is a common problem with cryptocurrency exchanges. Experts have also predicted that larger attacks could take place in the future.
ONAM ensures users are protected through the Advanced Threat Prevention, intrusion, Detection and Trade Surveillance Systems.

This system identifies abnormal activities long before they affect users accounts. All systems are secure with encrypted databases.

Scalability Problem with other exchanges

Most exchanges cannot keep up with the influx of traders and investors in the market. This has led to overloading which has discouraged many new users.Transactions are extremely slow as a result.
With 10million transactions per second with latencies as low as 40 nanaseconds, ONAM clearly beats the other exchanges.


With a system that checks irregular trading activities, monitors trade types and characteristics, manipulation of the market is near impossible.

Customer Support

ONAM would offer all day long customer support service(24/7/365). Complaints would be addressed within minutes through the support ticket system. Also, within six months of the launch, phone support would be given as well.


ONAM is bound to attract a large market who would actively participate in the network. By enlisting book orders from multiple exchanges, market manipulation would not happen.


ONAM's lagal team are well informed of legal rules regarding SEC and how it views ICOs.

Here are ONAM's Main Features

  • Advanced Order Types
  • Margin Trading
  • Margin lending
  • Composite Index Fund
  • Paper Trading
  • Modular User Interface
  • Trade Assistant with Trade Alerts and Signals
  • Auto Trading
  • Social Media and Sentiment Analysis Tool
  • Market scanning
  • Advanced Charting
  • Trading Expert Coaching
  • News and Announcement Feed
  • Push Notifications
  • OTC Trading
  • Multi-Language User interface
  • Multi-Language Live Chat Support
  • Affliate Program
  • Advanced and Custom APIs
  • FIX Server for institutional Traders


Apart from the amazing features ONAM has, its aim to work with regulators on compliance would ensure users enjoy the best practices. Users are assured that their data is secure.
Low fees on the platform would ensure a high influx of new users as well as traders. Traders would get to make more profit than they would on other exchanges.

Above all, their great attitude towards customer service would ensure customer loyalty, boost confidence and also help usability.

For more information,

ONAM Website
ONAM WhitePaper
ONAM Telegram
ONAM Reddit
ONAM Medium
ONAM LinkedIn
ONAM Instagram
ONAM Twitter
[ONAM Instagram](https://www.instagram.com/onam.io/
ONAM Bitcointalk

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