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It all started back in 2013. While I was taking a shower, I noticed a huge pink circular rash beneath my shoulder. I never had any such problem in my life, so I got a bit worried about it. I decided to consult a good skin specialist asap. Few days passed by and I kind of forgot about that rash, or maybe I was just too lazy to see the skin specialist.
It has been 5 years and that rash is still there except, it has grown bigger and bigger. It never itched so I never felt the need to consult anyone. However I definitely want to see the doctor someday.

This brings me to an interesting thought, just imagine how many people are there who want to consult someone for some reason, but are so busy with their routines that they are unable find room for other important tasks. Our lives would have been so much better if it was possible to avail all the required services from the comfort of our home.

Lets take an example of Uber. Before Uber was introduced in my county, I had to walk 2 miles every morning to get a taxi. Now Uber came up with an innovative idea which allowed me to save both time and energy. I believe ideas which bring a solution to the current problem or make any necessary tasks easier have huge potential to become successful.

Although Uber is an entirely different market, but their aim is not very different from Centaure. Both platforms focus on making things easier, less time consuming and flexible for their users. Uber is all about booking a ride whereas Centaure makes it easier for the users to connect with consultants and advisers. These advisers are professionals such as medical advisers, skin specialists, psychiatrist, legal advisers, teachers, nutritionists etc.

The users just have to find their desired service on the platform and book a session with these advisers. As you may know, these sessions will be conducted on a live video call, this eliminates the need to visit the adviser's office, waiting in the long queue or any similar BS. Additionally, you'll also be able to consult an adviser from a different city or county.

If we talk about the opportunities for advisers / consultants on this platform, some of the most obvious advantages are:

  1. Less Competition: The consultants will be able to target the global audience which will make it easier for them to get more clients/customers.

  2. Part time/Full time employment: Just like Uber, Consultants/advisers will be able to use Centaure are their primary or secondary source of income.

  3. No setup costs: Lets say you want to start your own legal consultancy business. It will require you to spend a lot of money on office, hiring, furniture, fittings, seating etc. In addition to that, there are other monthly expenses such as electricity. Centaure will make it possible for the professionals to easily set up their consultancy business without spending any money of setup and expenses.

**So, that's pretty much it. What do you guys think about this idea?

I would really appreciate your thoughts and opinions on this project.**


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It is a great idea, but sometimes physical, real meeting is also needed to fint out the right diagnosis. (mostly in medical cases).