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Setting up a business or a company is not easy more especially when the required capital cannot be provided by the individual(s) with the business idea. They will have to seek for other means of raising capital for their project such as lending from banks, selling out shares and many more. Established businesses that need more funding to increase their performance will also have to seek additional source of funds to support their businesses. This among some other problems is what our great business men with great ideas face most of the time. SHAREVEST is here to help us all grow our small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and start-up businesses.

About Sharevest

Sharevest provides this one platform where business owners meet investors all around the globe. It is a global exchange platform that allows one to buy, sell or trade stock ownership and in doing so provide liquidity to private markets. Investors and shareholders can communicate in this community and bring their ideas together to serve their common interest such as building a great company and successful exiting. Sharevest will use the blockchaing technology to provide capital raising toolkit for enterprise owners so that they can raise capital for the growing of their businesses. The platform’s uniqueness stems from the combination of crowdfunding, peer to peer lending, public market trading and the use of blockchaing technology to enable instant transactions with low transfer fees when investors buy into companies with the use of fiat or cryptocurrency.

How does Sharevest Work?

Sharevest provides the platform where business owners/founders introduce their company and its value to investors. Comprehensive data (individual profile, company information, company share register, etc) is made available to investors on this platform. The investors review this information in order to inform their decision in their investment. Electronic share certificate is drafted and distributed to the investors for simplicity. Below is a detailed diagram of how sharevest works.

Why join Sharevest?

Sharevest aims to provide the financial ecosystem that will help in the development and successful growth of companies.
• You can save time and money with our secured and instant transactions with low transaction fees.
• Our Distributed Ledger Technology is embedded with rules, smart contracts and digital signatures and hence eliminates paper trails and dependency on lawyers.
• Sharevest’s system architecture is designed to counter ICO thefts and cryptocurrency hacking in order to ensure security.

Sharevest’s ICO

Token Protocol: ETH, ERC 20
Accepted Contributions: ETH
Token Symbol: SVX
Total Token Supply: 200,000,000 SVX
Pre-ICO date: TBA; June-July
Pre-ICO value: 1 SVX = $ 0.13
ICO date: TBA; July-August
ICO round value: 1 SVX = $ 0.20
Minimum/Maximum Cap: 1 MM/21MM


The company has been founded in December, 2016 and has since undergone some milestones up to know. Below is the 2018 – 2019 roadmap;
• MILESTONE 6 (January 2018)
Working towards ICO
First draft of the ICO website and drafting the Whitepaper begins
• MILESTONE 7 (February 2018)
Alpha Completed
Alpha version of Sharevest is complete and marking for the ICO begins
• MILESTONE 8 (March 2018)
ICO Preparation complete
Website, Whitepaper and Beta uploaded to the website
• MILESTONE 9 (May 2018)
Sharevest ICO begins
Option to use Ethereum and Bitcoin,
• MILESTONE 10 (Ocober 2018)
Sharevest ready to launch
The SVX community have a chance to see the product, test, suggest new features or amendments
• MILESTONE 11 (December 2018)
Sharevest is live
Sharevest 1.0 is released
• MILESTONE 12 (November 2019)
Startups can join the platform
• MILESTONE 13 (December 2019)
Sharevest token buyback program begins

Team Members

Below are some of the energized team members ready to make this great project a success;
Executive team
• Caleb Barnes-Christian - CEO & Founder
• James Whyte - Chief Economist Strategist
• Michael Christensen - Advisor, CTO
• Hadrien Forterre - CLO
Development team
• Gareth Christodoulou - Frontend Developer
• Chike Chiejine - Full Stack Developer
• Harpeet S Chawla - Advisor, Senior Backend Developer
• Raman Lakhanpal - Front End Developer
Investment Analyst
• Daniel Afan Jones - Adviser, Financial Markets
• Adam Sosnowski - Financial Analyst
• Alexander Hein - Advisor, Senior Associate Consultant
• Matthew Richards - Advisor, Investment Analyst
• James MacIntyre - Advisor, Investment, and Risk
• Leonardo Fabbri - Securities Analyst

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White Paper:

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Whether you are just starting out as a new business owner or you have successfully been running one for quite some time, there are always new strategies that can help maximize your success rate in the marketplace. I know the professional team Who can help you all.

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