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In order to understand what Dominium is, let us take a look at its origin. Dominium is brought about by two companies, Munte Immobilien (MI) and Max Property Group (MPG). These two companies are financing and management companies that have real estate assets worth millions of Euros under ownership and management and generating good returns for its investors. Currently, they are managing property funds in the United Kingdom, Netherlands and Germany. MI and MPG aim to improve services to their existing investors and open up their products to those who previously were unable to invest in property investments. In order to fulfil this, these two companies decided to create a platform which will be regulated for property financing, property listing (rentals and sales) and property management with full automated Customer Relation Management (CRM) and Support Ticket System. And this platform is called DOMINIUM which is built with blockchain technology in order to enable property assets to be put on the blockchain. The movement of assets to the blockchain is in a positive direction in that it will increase security and transparency, lower fees, provide liquidity for investors and reduce the investment threshold amount so that the property investment market will be opened to everybody.
To develop a fully functioning platform, Dominium will rum an Initial Token offering (ITO) and sale of DOM tokens which will raise funds to support the platform so that it can provide a legal bound platform for property related funding and asset creators. The DOM tokens are utility tokens and hence can be used to make transactions such as trading assets, creation of assets, listing of properties, renting properties, registering a purchase agreement, creation of support tickets and voting for charities.
Be one of the early adopters of Dominium and you will never regret it because Dominium is not merely a blockchain technology underdevelopment but a business with existing assets, business model and an experienced working team.


Maximum Supply: 1,000,000,000 DOM tokens
Pre-ITO: starts on 1st July, 2018. 100,000,000 DOM @ € 0.05 each.
Minimum purchase during Pre-ITO - 10,000 DOM
ITO Phase I - €0.10 per DOM (Starts at 03/09/2018 12:00 CET)125,000,000 DOM
ITO Phase II - €0.15 per DOM (Starts as soon as Phase I is sold out)125,000,000 DOM
ITO Phase III - €0.20 per DOM (Starts as soon as Phase II is sold out)125,000,000 DOM
ITO Phase IV - €0.25 per DOM (Starts as soon as Phase III is sold out)125,000,000 DOM
Minimum purchase during public sale - 100 DOM
Soft cap - €2,500,000
Hard cap - €92,500,000

NB:Token can be bought with EUR, BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, ARDOR and NXT only.




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Bitcointalk profile:;u=2070123


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