DAV Network - The Decentralized, Peer to Peer, Global Transportation Network Of The Future Is Here

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The future of having autonomous driving vehicles is nearer than you might think. Technology and innovation has been evolving very fast lately. With companies like General Motors, Apple, Tesla and a lot more pushing towards this technology and having handled test drives successfully on the streets in California in 2018, autonomous vehicles are soon to be ready for the market. The CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk already have stated, that the first autonomous vehicles from Tesla will be ready for the end of the year 2019 with other car manufactors also following. Therefore it is already about time to think about possible solutions for the future transportation network.

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The DAV Network Project:
The project "DAV Network", which stands for "Decentralized Autonomous Vehicles" is planning to build a decentralized infrastructure for the transportation industry using the blockchain technology. The blockchain technology comes with great features and advantages, which especially can affect the global transportation industry positively. Firstly, thanks to secure transactions and transparency of the blockchain, paying for vehicle sharing services is highly secure. Secondly the blockchain offers also high security of the users private data. Data privacy and anonymity has become a controversal topic lately and blockchain can offer a solution for that. And lastly with the blockchain technology beeing able to provide decentralization, there is no need for any controlling third party between the transaction anymore. This could lead to great cost savings and less governance.

Possible Use Case of the DAV Network:
As the network will grow in users and autonomous vehicles will enter the market in the near future, it will be possible to rent or lend vehicles using the DAV platform. From cars, motorcycles, motorbikes or even drones, anything that moves could be offered and booked used as a service. While users can lend the vehicle, paying with NAV tokens, the owner on the other hand can receive NAV tokens. Those tokens can either be used to pay for similar services, or can easily be traded on the exchanges for fiat money or even other cryptocurrencies.

Imagine you need to send out a package to a friend, who lives in the city next to yours, within a few hours, but the normal delivery service would take at least a day to deliver the package. Now by using the DAV Network, you can easily order a manned (or in the future unmanned) messenger, who will come pick up and deliver your package in exchange for DAV tokens. Also in the future I could imagine drones to settle nearby deliveries. Using the DAV platform will revolutionize the way of transportation.

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Possible Competitor - Helbiz:
The idea behind the DAV network is not new at all. There are competitors on the market, who are trying to achieve the same or at least have similar goals. One project I can think of, which in some way have similarities to the DAV Network is Helbiz. Helbiz is not explicitly aiming for the autonomous vehicle transportation industry, but rather is focusing on the (private) car sharing industry in general. They also want to offer car sharing options, rewarding the car owner with helbiz tokens, while car users can pay with helbiz tokens to rent the car.

The ICO:
The DAV Network project is currently doing it's ICO (Initial Coin Offering) to collect funds for the development, marketing and growth of the project. For that DAV tokens, the native token of the project are issued. Here are some short information summarized about the tokensale:

  • Public Sale ends on the 25th june 2018 or until the hardcap is reached
  • Hardcap is 63.123 ETH (with already over 40.000 ETH raised)
  • 1 ETH grants 10.000 DAV tokens

My Opinion:
I'm working for a big car-parts supplier company in Germany and here I already can see that we are slowly shifting our products from traditional car parts to autonomous vehicles parts. Especially (Lidar-)sensors are very highly demanded from our customers. Therefore I strongly agree on the fact that autonomous vehicles will be coming soon and it is just a matter of time, until we can see them driving on the roads. For that reason I also really like the idea behind the DAV Network project. Acting now and beeing one of the first to offer a decentralized, peer to peer, global transportation network in one of the biggest industries in the world, can become really huge in the future. Also with top brands like SAP, GM, IBM, Google, NASA and even more working with this project, makes the DAV Network project not only legitimate, but also promising. I'm therefore very excited on this project and can really recommend you to take a look at this project.

Further Information:
Want to know more about the DAV Network project? Take a look at their official website and their whitepaper for more information. Also subscribe to their official communication channels to stay up to date. Any questions, feel free to comment below.

Website: https://dav.network/#home
Whitepaper: https://dav.network/whitepaper.pdf
Twitter: https://twitter.com/DavNetwork
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DavNetworkTeam
Telegram: https://t.me/DAVNetwork

My Bitcointalk Profile (Rano): https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1609093
My ETH: 0xFc58f16Ab51A635fdb06b4Db14E59ad994884AD7

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Very cool stuff, as a part time Uber driver I can tell you that people will not treat your car well. Riders never wipe their feet and often walk through dirt before they get into my car.

I have put adds on Craigslist to drive people to the airport for crypto but have not gotten anything other than cash USD offers.

How mad would you be if you get your Tesla back from the ride pool and it has a scratch and dirt on the carpet and empty water bottles and food crumbs....


Hey brian. Thanks for your input. I haven't thought of that, but as you have mentioned this, I totally understand your point. As a solution I maybe can suggest, that there could be some kind of tipping for cleaning implemented in the software when paying with crypto. Or there could be some kind of tipping box in the car (not sure if this is already the case of Uber cars, since I haven't used this service in Germany).
And yeah I've read in forums that so far that like 99% of offers are still in fiat money instead of crypto. I guess crypto in general is still in its infancy and less than 1% of people use it nowadays. I haven't used crypto for payments myself so far. Therefore we might need to wait a couple of years for further adoption. Projects like the DAV Network really encourages to use cryptocurrencies as payment, that's what I really like about.

Hey, again a nice review. Thanks. So I have been investing in Helbiz and exactly thought the same when I read about the DAV Network. I think that Helbiz is more focused on cars, motorbikes, yachts and maybe private jets, whereas the DAV Network focuses on all moving vehicles.

One question though which came into my mind. How will the vehicles get implemented with the software in order to be compatible with the blockchain? Is there any information? I only can imagine that this will be quite a challenge to implement this into every single vehicle, especially the older models.


Hey lena, thanks for your comment and question. I totally agree on your comment.

Regarding your question how the software can be implemented. This can happen through existing APIs. Through remote servers or later on through onboard components in the vehicle, a communication between server and vehicle will be possible. The DAV team is also working with car manufacturers to help integrating those APIs in newer car models. Furthermore as autonomous vehicles will be produced, there will be some common standards allowing external applications to be installed in the car. So by doing so, the DAV software can be installed and a communication can be established. I agree with you, that this is quite a challenge and is not done overnight.

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Hi Bumshak!
Really nice review! I love that you not only give the most important information in a very concise and easy-to-read manner, but you also give your personal opinion about it. And since you work in this field yourself "car-part supplier in Germany", your opinion is very interesting to hear!

Good job for introducing me to this project! I will definitely check it out!


Hey @slyver, thanks so much for your feedback. I always try to bring up examples to make the project easier to understand. Bringing up a review without personal opinions + examples mostly just sound very boring and are not special at all. For that I also just could simply read all the information on the website. Glad you like my review though!

I think google also have this kind project like automatic transportation system


Hey @funnybones thanks for your comment. Yeah they are working on it and already have several successful test drives. But as far as I know they are currently not focused on using the blockchain. But probably they might someday when everybody else does.


i know they dont have any plane with blockchain

What a good news, is lovely.


Thanks for your comment.

Hey dear really great job
Very good one project


Thank you for your feedback @drajaykotadia

nice review and thanks for brining your opinion since you are working for a supplier from that industry. that's some good insights


Thanks mate for your feedback. Yeah i wanted to include some information regarding this industry, since I thought it could be interesting to know how the demand for special parts are shifting and companied are already preparing for the future.