[ANN - Pre-ICO] BlockPay launch pre-ICO for Echo payments app and private transactions

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Dear Steemit user,

On August 23rd 2016 CCEDK.com and it's Crowdfunding 3.0 of ICO OpenLedger (ICOO) will be introducing a new ICO as part of its monthly goal to do up to four different types of ICO's, each unique and special and all doing their contribution to bringing a whole lot of added value to the world.

CCEDK will be crowdfunding development and marketing for BlockPay’s Echo app, a really slick piece of technology that will enable customers to pay easily in any of a dozen or more crypto coins, and merchants to accept crypto payments at no extra cost! CCEDK has accepted as well to act as the escrow for this pre-ICO, issuing the asset as well as doing the distributon.

Additionally, the Echo app enables private transactions and communication, something we know businesses take seriously due to the risk of competitors getting hold of sensitive financial information.

You can invest in two ways:

  1. The ICO page on the BlockPay.ch website and
  2. The ICO LIVE button on the CCEDK.com website.

You may as well also simply send payments directly to the dedicated BlockPay escrow account on OpenLedger named ico.blockpay, as the registration on the blockchain will be all the proof you need to receive tokens at the end of the crowdsale.

For more information about BlockPay and Echo, see https://blockpay.ch/. We think this ICO is a great opportunity to help bring this pioneering blockchain technology to market!

Announcement has already been made by BlockPay, and we invite you to know more about this, using any of the following links:


Kind regards,

Ronny and the CCEDK team


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Twitter https://twitter.com/icoo_io
LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/icoo---the-official-ico-pre-launch-token

Website: https://www.ccedk.com/dc/icoo

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Is this a seperate ICO from the 'BLOCKPAY' pre-ICO that was recently announced?