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Great Britain, who doesn't know them? They are the modern masters of humanity. They drew most of the world's national borders, spread the English language to the ends of the world, spread civilization to the world(including the United States) and built the empire that covers the face of the world so the sun never rests on!

However, after the US' nuclear bomb won the second world war, Great Britain has recoiled into their shell and left the US and other nations to hunt for the throne of world super power.

After joining the EU, Britain further lost more of its influence as it had to forgo its interest for interest of other member nations. Also, the EU did not grant the UK any special recognition despite being the largest financial contributor.

This meant the UK found itself being subject to serve the interests of other nations in the EU, particularly Germany and France - the two loudest voices in the EU.

After years of being in oblivion, the British citizens think they have had enough. They want to make Britain great again! You would have expected everyone to be happy about this, but well it turns out their European neighbors do not want to even hear the sound of it!

Their European neighbors want to hear: make Europe Great again - not Make Britain Great Again.

The thing is, the British don't care, they voted to leave their loud neighbors behind and move on - its called the Brixit(or Brexit). Yes, a word made out of Britain and Exit; Brixit(Brexit)is short for Britain Exit(exits the EU).

With Brexit talks turning sour, it is apparent that a post-brexit England would need saving from lots of internal and external factors.

In this post, @BlockRush will explore the 10 ways that Blockchain technology could help a post-Brixit England achieve the greatness they want out of Brixit.

1. Ensure true autonomy

Achieving Brexit will not be complete if Britain is still under direct or indirect European influence.

Blockchain technology is the technology built for autonomy. Implementing Blockchain technology into the e-government, economic and financial system of Britain will ensure that the British economy, currency(the Pound) and digital media will be free of as much European influence as possible.

Blockchain is the only way to make sure that British culture, values and opinions are not submerged to European imperialism which will rise after Brexit.

2. Enforce security

In a post Brexit era, England will need more security on all front than ever. British business intelligence, military intelligence and national security intelligence will be a target for other European nations.

When the UK is outside of the EU, its competitors in the EU will want to gain insights into it economic and military intelligence and could use spies and hackers for such espionage missions.

Blockchain technology will ensure the integrity of digital communications systems and data storage systems, making it difficult for hackers to tamper with.

3. Decentralize national development

One of the reason why UK citizens out of the capital London massively voted to leave the EU was of poverty and wealth inequality. Wealth is NOT evenly distributed in England.

While some places are doing well economically, others are seriously lacking behind in terms of governance, economic developments and wealth.

For this reason, if after Brixit the challenge of uneven economic development is to be addressed,then it is a must to implement Blockchain technology.

Blockchain technology has the power to decentralize development, wealth and governance in a post-Brixit England.

4. To empower the citizens

Yes, what difference will there be in the life of a post Brixit British and the of a French?

If England really wants to empower its power, then Blockchain is the way forward. Blockchain technology would empower citizens on all fronts. Consider just a few:

  • Privacy: This is a very important component of Blockchain technology and could help British businesses keep their data and business intelligence safe from EU based hackers.
  • Financial autonomy: British citizens would be in control of their funds
  • Economy development: Blockchain ICOs would empower the citizens of England to raise funds from investors all over the world for their businesses - bypassing all the complicated regulations and paper work that slow the process down.

5. Minimize revenge attacks

Yes, EU nations will not let go of England just like that; they will come back for revenge. Would you believe what a top EU diplomat said to a BBC correspondent? See for yourself;

 Britain has shot itself in one foot. We intend to shoot you in the other...

The attitude of the French towards England show they their long lasting rivalry has just been ignited by Brixit. Believe it or not, every nation in the EU hates the UK.

They may not say it, but only because it would cause international outrage - not because they do not feel it in their hearts. Beside, their words and attitude during this entire Brixit affair has shown it.

These resentful nations will come back to attack the UK, and just like in the case of every revenge it will be in the dark. However, the transparency of Blockchain technology would ensure that any unjust activity towards the UK will be exposed.

Be it economic espionage, sabotage or hacking exploits, the UK will be able to clearly see what ever is going on around it.

6. Blockchain will reduce inefficiency

As inefficient as the EU may be, the bureaucracy of the British government could be worse. Inefficiency is not good for a post-brixit England.

For England to recover from its losses after the brixit, it will need to be very efficient in governance and business.

Implementing Blockchain technology into British governance and businesses will ensure that most systems are automated, reducing human inefficiency.

7. Blockchain will reduce corruption

While Brixit activist argue that the EU drains Britain of 50 million euros a day, they must consider the fact that they could be losing a great deal to corruption as well.

Across the world, corruptions is known as the leading cause of financial loss to the state. Britain will not be an exception of this rule.

However, by implementing Blockchain technology into its e-governance systems, there would be not just transparency but integrity of data and this will reduce corruption to a great deal.

8. Disappoint the EU clearing bidders

Britain is the world's largest Euro clearing center and with the Britixt in progress, the EU has hinted that it will move its Euro clearing out of the UK.

The UK clears €1tn (£880bn) a day, and losing the Euro clearing business will have negative economic consequences on it. France is the world's second largest clearer and is hoping to win the bid to replace Britain as the Euro clearing point.

However, with Blockchain technology, the entire progress of Euro clearing could be made obsolete and there would be nothing to clear and nothing to bid for.

Blockchain technology would automates the process of clearing, and if the UK does implement such a system before the Euro clearing is moved out, then there would be nothing for them to loose and nothing for anyone to gain.

9. Make up for the lost human capital

According to a new survey, up to 1 million skilled works plan to leave the UK after Brixit. While this is not entirely bad news as it will only serve as an opportunity for UK citizens and also attract news talents from abroad, initially there would be a lagging effect on the British economy.

The best way to minimize this will be to automate as much jobs as possible. Blockchain powered automation will increase profits, transparency and efficiency. Blockchain technology is the best replacement for human resource.

10. Make Britain great again!

Europe is still warning up to Blockchain technology and the UK could use this opportunity to lead Europe in the Blockchain industry.

Making London the top hub for Blockchain technology in Europe would ensure that Britain retains its dominance with a technology which is transforming all aspects of civilization.

Blockchain is a capitalists technology, and it will free the British economy from the shackles of the EU's welfare government policies.

Blockchain will allow British businesses to raise funds from investors all over the world, and achieve the true economic independence they want out of Brixit.

What do you think of our proposals?

Join the conversation below and tell us what is your opinion. Would you prefer that:

  • Britain to be great again
  • or do you want Europe to be great again?

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A good comprehensible read.

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An optimistic post. But humans still involved is the weakest link.

Yes, for England to come out on top, they will need to stand united and work together. Unfortunately, today the forces tearing everyone apart far outweigh the forces bringing them together. Block chain technology can help to enforce a fairness and stifle some of the in-fighting because without a person that can be influenced in control of what the block chain is given control of, there's no point to the back stabbing. In the end, I hope England shoots the EU in both feet by prospering. If they do it with a new governmental system based on block chain technology that guarantees fairness under the law, so much better.

Again a very good read on an interesting topic.
Love to get something like this for next #beerSaturday

This is a very patriotic and well put article, but i am not sure i can elaborate on that :) I guess only the time will show and considering Brixit, British people had their say, it's their country and they have made a democratic decision. Some like it some don't. And i am not into politics at all because i do not think that any decisions by any government are made for the good of the citizens and people. Well, maybe with the exceptions of quite a few.

that you for reading @bescouted

Great publication

In summary, blockchain should be considered anti-corruption mechanism

Thank you for your sharing. This is a good post.
Upvoted! Follow anf vote me @duytruongnguyen
My post:

Numerous good points. Would love to see blockchain implemented some way(s) to improve life for all of us. Keep up the great writing and thank you for sharing and bringing to my attention.

I am glad you liked it @virtualgrowth!

You draw a bit too many conclusions I think. Not all countries in the EU hate the UK for Brexit. I think the Intermarium countries support it, if not their governments, then their people(mostly). I, for one, am romanian, and even though we're not seen in a good light in the UK, I support their sovereignty.

I don't think any government will support blockchain technology as that would relinquish control, and the only truly democratic governments in existence are the icelandic and the swiss one, so people have to do it themselves.

I want both the UK and the EU to be great again. I don't want the EU to be utterly destroyed, but at this point it seems like the only option. If it were to return to the '90s values, that'd be swell, but I don't see that happening any time soon, unfortunately.

have made some good points @sebi99p

Thanks, I try :)
But I fear Corbyn is just a commie, and May, well, she's an orwellian nightmare. There are no good choices unfortunately.
Here's hoping Merkel doesn't get electec ... again ... I think she's the whole reason the EU is in this mess in the first place, her and those useless bureaucrats in Brussels who have no idea what is going on in the real world

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Blockchain biatches!

I don't really see the connection between Brexit and blockchain, though it makes for an interesting title.
The UK as you said in the beginning has been looking inwards for a long time, this is not likely to change with blockchain I fear; we have had so many opportunities to be leaders in new technology, but successive UK government's have failed to support, or even actively suppressed these small industries and taxed them until they move abroad.
Representatives of one of my favourite cryptos #solarcoin presented to the EU Parliament and they loved the idea, it's been mentioned in multiple EU research papers and some MEPs even set up wallets!
It seems the EU is far more likely to uptake the benefits of blockchain governance than the UK, the EU are interested in reducing centralised governance and are seeking ways to offload things like clean energy incentives to block-chain.
I'm British and happy to be a UK citizen, but the same fearful thinking that caused Brexit will doom the UK to sub-par performance for some time yet; blaming all your problems on foreigners, fails to recognise your own weaknesses.

Did you write that up?

Haha, yes. If you want to see my other intriguing(and sometimes ridiculous) posts, just check my blog @BlockRush. Everything is original - you can ask @cheetah

Wow! Thats a lot of effort man!

thank you