📢 Worker proposal: Comprehensive Bitshares UX/UI update by the ROSSUL and Graphene Lab team

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Greetings to the BitShares community!

As you may know, the worker of Graphene Lab and Rossul have expired. The good news is the great weight of our task has been completed already. You can try out the new interface either in TESTNET (http://bitshares-ui-testnet.test.graphenelab.io/) or MAINNET (https://bitshares-dream.graphenelab.io/). It’s completely functional and (except for a few minor imperfections) is ready for use.

Unfortunately, the entire cost of the work could not be paid, but despite all the problems, we continued to work.

For a long time we've been deciding what would be the following course of action. Now we have two options - either we create an additional worker to get funds that haven't been paid for us and stop supporting the new interface or we create a worker for a year to support and develop new functionality.

We've received an offer from the BLCKCHND team to launch a new worker through their escrow service. According to their conditions, we will have to release regular reports, discuss all problems with the community, conduct the development on Github and significantly reduce the cost of developers' and designers' work.

Now we'd like to know whether we'll receive support from the community and large proxies :) We'll be happy to receive the feedback and answer all your questions!

Please read this document to get more detailed information


Best Regards,
Graphene Lab & Rossul

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I guess they just need to trade with this tool for a day and that will give the answer. They will have the answer very fast. 🤣😂