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Source a unique exchange!

With the constant emergence of new cryptocurrencies, the prevailing need to carry out multiple transactions that allow to use the different tokens of each of them according to convenience, can be through an exchange between two types of tokens of different cryptocurrencies or from a token to fiduciary money. is the solution in these cases, it will be an exchange of cryptocurrencies to be carried out in Paris, France, this exchange is characterized by having a centralized order book, which will make the user experience at the time of swap more expeditious and witty

What is the differentiation that brings to the market?

The exchange offered by is a hybrid, because it offers the promptness and confidence of a centralized exchange with the security and confidentiality of a decentralized process, this compendium of qualities being an attraction of great importance to position and give meet in the cryptocurrency market.

In addition, another advantage offered by to users is maximized security since they will work jointly with the French government and all its authorities to regulate everything related to the encryption of their operations, as well as the performance of encrypted audits. Experts in the area, guaranteeing the reliability of their operations.

Blockchain and Paymium, an effective alliance

Paymiun is the original company of, was one of the first European exchanges carried out in 2011, and as a great attraction has in its favor that since 2013 has not been subject to any type of piracy, in addition to its services comply with all European regulations; A great fact to keep in mind is that the creator of Paymium is the same creator of and in another order of ideas, Paymium has a broad portfolio of users who, given the incentive to join, would facilitate their acceptance in the market.

It is planned that the partnering with Paymium could become the first exchange in Europe by 2020, this working on the fulfillment of the perspective of exponentially expanding the value internet, thus guaranteeing the achievement of the greatest desired benefit, which is the growth of the market with the entry of new users.


Attractions of

  • It has decentralized exchanges, due to the use of crossed chain exchanges.
  • Availability of use of the technological architecture and software of Paymium.
  • The BCIO utility token offers discounted trade rates.

Benefits of using Token BCIO

  • Trade rates with large discounts
  • Voting rights to participate in surveys on the development of future exchanges
  • Rewards and loyalty campaigns for BCIO token holders

A successful crowdsale Crowdsale in its first week without a doubt had a resounding success, with the collection of 1.2 million USD against the current major complications in the market, and you can still participate in it, it will end on October 25, 2018 at 6:00 AM UTC, and best of all is that there is no soft cap in their collective sale because no matter how many tokens are sold the exchange will take place.

An additional bonus

Any of the readers who in the crowdsale make a contribution of more than 100 euros through the reference code emwinVWrVCzugXiWVP3z, will receive a bonus of 5% of their contribution. DO NOT FORGET TO VISIT THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE OF AND ITS PAGE OF SALE OF SHEETS, IT IS AN EXPERIENCE THAT WILL VALDATE THE PENALTY!

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