The Mandela Effect and the Blockchain

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The "Mandela Effect" is the term used for when groups of people seem to remember events and details of the past differently than what the present suggests.  Much of the initial cognitive dissonance the Mandela Effect (ME) creates, is initially quickly dismissed in the belief of how folks are simply misremembering events, leaving much doubt in the air surrounding this topic - because up until recently, we lacked the technological ability to adequately document such information.

Berenst#in versus Blockchain

Well, now we have the blockchain - which could be the technological riposte to this doubt-magic - so long as we have an immutable record of what has happened, this power of record will eventually come to terms with such holographic malleability as what the Mandela Effect may purport to be.  Could the Mandela Effect simply be a type of “softfork” of the agreed-to consensus reality? Is it a timeline disruption?  Simple foggy memories? DMT machine elf trickery - Or something else? As more and more people seem to experience a present record of the past, which does not harmonize with what they remember, the question seems less “How is this possible?” and more “What does this imply?”

The nascent technology of having an agreeably authoritative historical record in a blockchain format has only been possible for a few years, and may bring forth some unexpected consequences.  We can look at the blockchain as a type of measuring device or tool, where snapshots can be created and archived, cryptographically stamped and secured, to be used as markers and evidence of facts in the past, not subject the the possible mis-interpretations of a potentially-faulty future foggy human memory.

Many examples of the ME can likely be dismissed by the mists of time and hazy memories, director’s cuts re-releases, typos, or even the evolution of corporate logos, mottos, and branding. The list of such examples is long, and such often trivial discrepancies such as product name spellings and the like do not seem like very compelling evidence of the past changing as much as it is evidence of focus groups, effective marketing and pushing new product onto the unsuspecting masses.  However, some ME's seem a bit harder to process, for some.  E.g. The scarecrow in the “Wizard of Oz” now has a scene where he holds a pistol,  "We are the Champions" Queen song ends differently than many people recall, and Darth Vader never says "Luke, I am your Father!"

As evidence of this nature seems entirely subjective, what constitutes a valid ME for one person may not translate well to another, which only helps to muddy the waters on this subject.  As time passes however, and as more and more blockchain technology gets applied, either the Mandela Effect will come to only affect the negligible, or even cease to exist, or, there may come a day when our measuring and archiving tools (the blockchain in some form) come face to face with the concept of an altered past - and what implications.  It seems unlikely that a fully cryptographically-hashed blockchain could be modified, yet if ME’s are a real phenomenon, then such a disparity may eventually be addressed - and there doesn’t seem to be any easy answers.

It could be possible a time comes when we are presented with the ultimate lucid wake-up experience, when we realize just what the “Row Row Row Your Boat” song was telling us all along:

Merrily Merrily Merrily, Life is But a Dream

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When I watches Demolition Man as a teenager the Restaurant was Taco Bell. And now it is pizza hut. All the links are in this article. Showing the Mandela Effect...