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Today, i will share my review about DxChain Ico. I really bullish about this ico.

First we need to know what is dxchain, why we need dxchain, and what dxchain can solve?

What is dxchain?
DxChain is the world’s first decentralized big data and machine learning network powered by a computing-centric blockchain. In other words, DxChain is a public chain, aims to design a platform to solve computation of big data in a decentralized environment.

Why we need dxchain?
Nowdays, there are some blockchain provide supercomputer services, but no existing blockchain can provide decentralized parallel computing environment that supports big data and machine learning. Therefore, DxChain will be need.

What dxchain can solve?
Dxchain can support variety of machine learning and data mining algorithms, data storage, video streaming… There’re 3 use case dxchain can support: smart city, health care and AI model tranning.

Now we research about Dxchain tech, token metric, roadmap, team, investor
Dxchain tech
Dxchain’ architecture reform from IPFS, Hadoop HDFS, GFS, Filecoin, IOTA, IOTEX, Plasma, Truebit, golem, morpheo. Dxchain network is designed for supports big data and machine learning, so dxchain use a special chains-on-chain structure, comprised of a master chain and two side chains: the Computing Side Chain (CSC) and Data Side Chain (DSC). CSC and DSC communicate with masterchain via smart contract.
Master Chain — Stores asset information such as state, transaction, receipt, and contract.
Data Chain — It is built upon a P2P file storage system, and stores the non-assets data.
Computation Chain — Supports specific computing task on the DxChain virtual machine (DVM).
Detail about masterchain, CSC, DSC can find on dxchain whitepaper.

Token metric
Dxchain has very good token metric. Total supply 100 bil, token for sale 22 bil. Hard cap is 21.5 mil $. Vesting token 25% per 3 month. Circulating supply after listed exchange just 7% token

Good roadmap. Testnet release Q3/2018 and Mainnet in Q1/2019

DxChain Team
Good team with seasoned blockchain experience. Team have 13 member.Here is Profiles of the 3 Co-founders.
Allan Zhang , co-founder is expert in blockchain and network security and also Founder of Trustlook and a serial entrepreneur.
Wei Wang , co- founder and chief scientist — Graduated from Columbia University, Wei Wang was the Principal Scientist at AT&T research on blockchain technology and the Principal Scientist at Hortonworks research on big data and artificial intelligence.
James li (Co-Founder) Experienced in blockchain system design and architecture. Tripwire principal security architect. 10+ years experience of network security.
DxChain also receive support from many seasoned blockchain advisor, such as Yan Gong, Kevin Hsu, Leo Wang…

DxChain receive fund from many VCs. DxChain also has strategic partnership with Quarkchain, a new success ICO, x18,4 ATH, to build Blockchain Infrastructure Ecosystem.

I’m really like, really BULLISH DxChain.
Token Metrics Rate: 9/10
Tech Rate: 9/10
Investors Rate: 9/10
Team rate: 8.5/10
Hype: very high
I predict DxChain can 18x if listed on Binance.
My referall link: https://t.me/DxChainBot?start=kaqf0d-kaqf0d
Website: https://www.dxchain.com
Happy if you read my reviews and upvote for me
Thank you very much!


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