'non searchable' whitepapers. A recurring bugbear in the blockchain tech space ; looking at you DxChain!

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Below is a video I have created about DxChain covering the same content that is in this article.

My interest in Blockchain project stems from my long background working within some very complex IT projects. One key element of any IT project is the ability to systematically tie back the vision of the project to its:

  • technical requirements
  • functional requirements
  • user stories 
  • roadmap
  • milestones

All of these are intrinsically linked together and often the projects I worked on would expressly link all of the parts together through a project management methodology that allowed you to trace a piece of code or testing back through its journey to the vision statement. 

However in the blockchain wild west it's so frustrating when a project provides a whitepaper and a roadmap with milestones but it does not allow the prospective investors the opportunity to search the whitepaper ! This is ridiculous. The document has been made public already. 

A key piece of fundamental analysis before investing is to map the Whitepaper actions to the Roadmap/Milestones. If the project team has failed to do this - then the project is arguably doomed before it moves beyond the ICO stage. Either through incompetence, sloppiness or because they have something to hide ! 

It is critical that the person investing can conduct their own due diligence and review that the project team has successfully tied the whitepaper actions to the roadmap items.

I am calling DXChain out here on this and ask that they show some leadership and push the whole industry forward. They should be making it as easy as possible for investors to make thorough fundamental analysis.

Fundamentals must become the cornerstone of blockchain investment.  The projects themselves have an important role to enable this journey !

I actually think that DxChain looks like a solid project but I am really disappointed they are not showing best practice when it comes to enabling investors to really examine their project in a systematic way.

Here is my link so you can take a look yourself and please write back if you do find a way to extract the whitepaper into a searchable document; (https://t.me/DxChainBot?start=x1y551-x1y551 ). 

Please note that the link above is a referral link. So you can also use https://t.me/dxchain to get to the same area.

The projects' website can be found at https://www.dxchain.com/

None of this is financial advice and is purely for educational purposes.