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With new technology comes new possibilities but some doors get locked which may have existed in the past. The phrase "what you post on the internet, stays on the internet" but not really. Unless it goes viral or people with a specific interest in it save it onto somewhere else before you "take it down". Are they really gone, though? Do you trust the companies you use to actually delete your data? Do you think there could be a chance that Facebook would restore your account along with its history you deleted x years ago? Or that they could but they tell you they can't?

Since your actions are saved on the blockchain forever, even if witnesses were to hardfork/roll back blocks/transaction/data to remove you from it's history, with enough popularity there will be thousands of eyes on it and people saving everything there'll always be the chance that someone has that info. Not going to go into that "disadvantage" too much as for some people it is quite obvious but others used with the delete option may not give it enough thought. That's the most technical stuff you may get from me in this post which may or may not be possible as I'm starting to lose track of everything going on with this technology. I wanted to instead talk about each user and how they are approaching this journey and things they may not think about. Maybe some newcomers will appreciate having read this.


Things we know at this point; a new innovation was born through Bitcoin, Steem is the first one to focus on the social media aspect of it with countless of other improvements in tech, speed, security, governance (controversial), distribution, green and innovative mining a.k.a proof of brain. What we don't know; will Steem be the coin to take down all current centralized, adrevenue focused, biased, corrupt, trying to middleman the internet social media services that we've come to use. Who knows if Steem will do it, it depends on so many things while at the same time just as many factors are proving this new internet will be much better and evolve faster over time to bring balance and value back to the regular people. Is it a wise choice investing in it? That's not for anyone to help you decide as there are just as many factors of their reasons to tell you yes or no.

Look around, go back to using Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, etc and don't be ashamed of wanting to use social media a lot, it's quite a common thing. Is it healthy? Highly unlikely according to some documentaries I've watched. Although they were targeting giants like Facebook and explaining how they've created it to subconsciously get you addicted for their own gain while the people end up facing the consequences of too much use often carries in everything. Wouldn't it be better if you could choose all that? Wouldn't it be better if finding the perfect social app for you would be open for anyone to create but within the same economy? An internet that doesn't cost much but costs everyone an equal percentage to secure it, an internet that get's curated and the economy is shared by everyone. An internet that will let anyone create their own economy with ease, constantly filter the bad businesses from better ones. An internet that is maxed out to your favorite preferences and at the same time made it worth your while, your input and your humanness for using it.

Now I'm going to stop before I go into automation and universal basic income, but to everyone out there thinking "oh no, I'm so far behind on investing in crypto or diversifying into some other cool technologies and communities, let's try and cheat the system somehow". There's no point, similar to other blockchains many have already attempted to cheat it, and while I admit that proof of brain is obviously easier to cheat than proof of work. I doubt there are many ASIC's going offline because they promised they will finish that one equation from 6 months ago. Most of the time, though it will not be worth it. Just be you. Use it like you would use any other platform, if you have hobbies, skills, free time, then get more involved if you're having fun doing it. If it doesn't go anywhere then you won't feel as bad about it if you enjoyed your time, and you can reminisce with people you met here on another platform in 10 years. If it does you'll probably have more fun looking back to the early days, all the cycles, all the new highs, all the people that joined, you interacted with, all the dapps, the people leaving, the ones coming back, the scams, the scandals, the drama. You will be able to look back into everything and wonder if you would've done things differently, if you would've treated people differently, if you had made the change in people you would've wanted to have by your side in the future. You won't be able to edit or fork that past out from reality, you can choose your future in this space though and that future can be however you want it to become, it depends on you the people, not on a few users hoping they won't see you with a price tag on a file with all your data on.

Anyway, wanted to get a post out before this week is over but I see it's already Monday my time, have a great week everyone. I might make a post about the Steem price soon as there's many asking me right now what is up with it. Other than that we're getting ready to get OCD curation going. :)


I also returned an hour ago to post my first of the week! :)

My way of dealing with the permanence of information on the blockchain is to carefully write everything so as not to reveal who I am. That way I can just switch to another account and people will always know something shameful about... a fictitious character? I think transparent blockchains somewhat incentivise anonymity.

As for social networks, I barely use them. I only use Steem because it's my "home" and it's very pleasant, and it's the only social network that feels truly "mine" (I own a part of it with my tokens/shares and no one can censor me!). I don't have a Facebook, Instagram, and only recently created a Twitter account to promote my Steem content, but I'm bored of it already. I can't enjoy social networks in general.

I feel like PoB is, as you say, easily cheatable. and it's sad, but at the same time I don't have any idea about how cheaters can be defeated apart from a mixture of SteemCleaners (flagging) and curation like OCD (upvoting) to discourage abuse and encourage positive participation. It can be thought over and planned out, and I think we're slowly but surely making progress toward a nicer place that can be truly called the future of social networks.

It's gonna become interesting! I wonder what the rate of "returning accounts" will be compared to "new users" weekly once this place continuous entering main stream usage.

Returning as in people who left a long time ago but come back once they see their "failed social network" becomes big enough to be relevant in their lives again? I don't imagine that it'll be a very big percentage, but who knows.

We could build a bot to check it haha, every time there's a post, read if the user's last post was more than 3 months ago or if they joined more than 3 months ago. If so, add the user to returning user. If the account is less than 3 months old, new account? I don't know. Metric tags are subjective!

I beleive it is a social media evolution taking place now and steem is leading the pack, I choose decentralize social media platform because I want to have a stake in what I do in these platform and also I want my personal data to be safe and not to be in the hands of some corrupt organizations who will use my data and information's for their own selfish gains.

Steem has a vibrant future because I beleive more media house will surely wants to turn into a decentralized hub where there will want to rewards also their users and audience alike. And all these will make them come into the steem blockchain through there own SMT which will helps in spreading the awareness of the steem blockchain and it's scalability features to the world. Steem is surely going to become the global hub for social media platforms where the users will be rewarded for their time and content they produce

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What you mentioned is just like any other events that happened and we experienced through time. It is recorded somehow, either in our own memory, on others’ memory, on photographs, in our diary, in social media posts, and now we have blockchain! Having everything recorded especially our past is something challenging especially it will trigger our fear on getting ourselves too “embarrassed” in the face of public. Though in my opinion, there are just a handful of audience that really “care” about how embarrassed we are when we are making our way to the top, trying to achieve something. Naturally, all these data comes with a price which it records how we grow and have traits of preferences that could be used as a tool of target advertising too! Haha, the list can go on and on. Anyhow, Steem triggers my thoughts and created a new perspective for me to look at data, especially human interaction, social media generated data that could in someway become a share value system for all rather than just profiting a handful of companies.

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I treat first as an experience and then like an investment as I think the value created here has a great combination of the two. The convergence of social media and cryptocurrency was an innovative one but has needed some adjustments as the social aspect has led the ecosystem to evolve into much more. I see it as a building of something that is ours to have so we can invest as little or much of time and money into it for it to grow over time.

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We don't know if Steem will be the one to succeed but I hope it does and we don't get myspace'd lol

Steem price has been going wild lately! 50%+ appreciation in the last 2 weeks! Looking forward that OCD relaunch :-)

Yeah it's been moving nicely, I'm guessing the altcoin market making some aggressive moves while new listings like Huobi and Probit are grabbing a share for themselves.

That is something that I do think about a lot. When it finally catches on I think that big corporations will be more likely to spend a ton of money to create their own platform instead of embracing Steemit. The only thing that can stop that from happening is to have a massive userbase on Steemit that they decide it isn't worth it. But to get a massive userbase it will have to catch on first. So what will come first haha

Who knows what can happen in the future but if we change a few things on this blockchain, there will be no doubt who will replace facebook. I just hope that people will see the bigger picture.

As you said it, if this goes to hell, at least I got to know a few good people here that I've learned a lot from.

Awaiting for that Steem price post :))

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About investing, well put I agree:

That's not for anyone to help you decide as there are just as many factors of their reasons to tell you yes or no.

A reason for all types of people to be here and help it grow:

Use it like you would use any other platform, if you have hobbies, skills, free time, then get more involved if you're having fun doing it. If it doesn't go anywhere then you won't feel as bad about it if you enjoyed your time, and you can reminisce with people you met here on another platform in 10 years

Please consider me for this I love finding others with great content and helping them.

Other than that we're getting ready to get OCD curation going. :)

Resteeming and hope others see this post.
As usual great job @acidyo and thank you for helping us little guys.

I really enjoyed your post with my Monday early morning coffee @acidyo and i hope it reaches many new and older users. I like the philosophical way you present it, i see too a lot of potential in Steem as a tool to bring chance, equaility and balance to our social digital interactions and my only advise to good content creators is to start using it.

Problem is that people are not ready for Steem. Facebook and Instagram did a horrible job not only to exploit their users all these years but also to educate them into thinking, posting and interacting with each other in a certain way.
99% of the people i talked about Steem and its potential, i got the same responce how do i cheat?. Only that, even good content creators that working like crazy to promote their work through social media. It is really frustrating and it happening because all those years of education made them believe that only by teaching you can win. I cannot blame them, this is the example they see in their everyday lives.

A lot of us here are hopping for a price explosion and mass adoption of Steem but i am kind of hesitant, i think it would be better is this testing period last longer to give people more time to revalue their mentality.

new innovations that emerge through bitcoin are of course the best opportunity for all users of steemit social media, in steemit we can interact with friends, family, and also friends from abroad, steemit one of the first social media to engage with bitcoin through steem

Right said
Companies like Facebook, are manipulating our data and exposing our privacy to other companies to sell their products and to political parties to influence our decisions.

But blockchain systems like steemit, ensure our privacy by providing money as well.

Best information @acidyo

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We must be careful about what we are posting and even about our privacy.

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That was so well put, I needed to read this thank you

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