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Hey everyone!

As some of you know I've been into cryptocurrencies since early 2013. I don't just say that I've been that, I know there are many out there that go around telling people they've been into crypto's and blockchain since 20XX. I also have proof to back that up and have done so in some posts in the past like this one where I went back to an old BTC mining pool from 2013 and picked up some coins that were waiting there for me. Can't believe I was mining BTC with a laptop GPU back then, and it wasn't even an AMD one.

Anyway, the point with these posts will be to talk about major news that I gather from some good sources and are mostly in good time to get in with small investments. The saying to "never invest more than you can afford to lose" is always important cause in these markets you can never know what happens. Luckily for you though these risks mean often that the rewards are much higher, especially if you hold long enough, then even small investments can bring back huge returns like it has happened time after time again.

In Alt-News #5 I was talking about the rebranding of Antshares to NEO and the big meeting they had. The coin was trading for roughly $5 a piece at the time and is now hovering above $22. The other currency I also talked about in the same post was TenX which is a Singaporean start-up that's focusing on creating a debit card for cryptos and at the time of writing that it was trading at around $0,70 on the free market where anyone could purchase a stake of it and is now hovering above $2.

Of course not all coins I talk about have seen a rise, there are always different factors involved and that's why you should always be careful when investing. This post is not made to brag but to assure you that the currencies I talk about in these posts are serious ones that have the potential to become really big through real world adoption. IOTA also doubled in price since I talked about it in one of these posts, Sia coin has not moved much though, yet.

Image from Pixabay.

Having been around and following the crypto markets for so long you start seeing patterns and realize that many of these currencies that have a certain scarcity and potential do go through similar phases in the charts, most of the time as long as the potential is still there and development is ongoing they have a good chance of growing in volume and value. This might be a lot because of the open-source nature of currencies and much like investors in them, the early ones have an advantage over others in that specific field. Since they can be upgraded and developed over time they keep getting better and better and the main reason many of these increase so much is cause they all have something in common with each other.

They use the block-chain technology which can compete against any services we use and are familiar with today.

Even though most of it is speculation many are willing to bet their value that some of these will become the next big ones to outdo the middle-men rich and costly services we use today and I personally can't wait for a world where things cost less for us people to use thanks to the tech.

I haven't been able to post much lately due to some projects I'm working on on the side for the Steem network but will try to spend more time on important posts like these, especially now that I've decided to spend less of my time moderating :)

Stay tuned!

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Good Post.

Bad Comment.

Like he cares too much with a 2.22 self-vote, cripes!

Patterns in coins/charts are what you need to follow for sure, well done on getting on the scene relatively early.

p.s. can i do a blog advertising your EPL Fantasy league? I'm excited (as always) for the start of the season!

Oh, man. I would be so freaking happy to find out I had some BTC just laying around from years ago, haha. How much was BTC back in 2013? It must have been a few hundred per coin, right?

And, it's crazy how much of a growth the NEO coin has had already as well. I didn't expect it to go up to $22 already. Anyways, thanks for the info, bud! I'll be on the lookout for your next post. Or, maybe I should actually stop being lazy and go join up on the steemit chat so I could try and talk to some new people :P

It was still at 2 digits but went over $100 that year. :)

Yeah do that, is definitely a nice way to get in contact with people and start out your Steemit experience!

Oh, man...I really wish I would have been older back in 2013. I've gotta say, I really applaud everyone who was an early adapter of BTC and crypto in general back in 2012/2013. Except for that one guy who traded 10k BTC for 2 pizzas. I would have probably offed myself had I done that.

Alright, so I joined up, lol. Any channel recommendations besides the general and promotion ones?

#yunk maybe xD

Uh, what does yunk stand for so I don't seem like an idiot if I start chatting, lol?

Everything and nothing. :p

I'll just go in there and start quoting the bible all the time. That couldn't possibly bother or annoy anyone right :D?

Ooops...should have kept reading...I see you DID JOIN CHAT!
Cool, hope to see u in there....quoting Bible or not!

Yeah, you should join chat, it is fun over there sometimes!
A lot of great people there..... @acidyo kept the bar pretty high. ;-D

Glad to see you motivated and keeping busy , keep working hard on your projects ! Steem will always be here waiting for you to show us your results :D @acidyo

Thanks for the nice comment. :)
Can I suggest not to vote on own comments? I personally do vote on comments on most of my own posts and others but seeing them being self-voted makes me not want to reward them. :)

Advice taken :D won't happen again :)

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It will be great if everything goes according to plan heh.

By the way, how is @strawhat doing? I didn't see him posting for a while. Did he steal a pirate ship and sailed away?

Haha he is doing okay, he has been out camping and hiking and was in fact going to make a post soon about that. At least that's what he said last time I spoke with him. :)

Oh, Good good! Waiting for him to come back heh!)

Wish I had known BTC in 2010, I was too busy playing counter strike and star craft in the computer shops.

TenX trade on bittrex?
I've been doing well with ANS/NEO

Yeah I believe it does!

Lol... Do you know it's call sign?

Its [PAY]. :D

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I will be looking forward to your next picks, make everyone everyone rich lol

@acidyo, I feel bad I didn't read the post where you talked about NEO. Please is it still advisable to invest in it now? If not, what other coin would you advice me to invest in now?

Thank you as I anticipate your response.

I can't really give any advice about it now, but make sure to follow future alt-news posts as the news are rather fresh and often may Lead to upcoming pumps.

OK. Thanks for this reply @acidyo.

Hi @acidyo your post reminds me of the wonderful days when we were and could mine some BTC with our laptops. Good old days I must say and the price of BTC has increased many folds since then. I love the idea of your post. It is indeed a good ideas to spot a coin that is about to go up in value . Looking forward to reading your post to follow and understand what to buy when and when to book profits ;)

Oh you kids. I've been in crypto since around mid 2017.

Hey @acidyo I have a question for you. I wrote a post yesterday asking this question but I'm new and don't get much traction so it went unanswered. I bought and used antminerS5's (4 of them) back in 2015. Do they serve any purpose at this time? Can they be used for anything that you are aware of? Bitcoin Cash?
Enjoy your posts!

Hmm it should be possible to mine BCH with them as far as I know. It uses the same PoW algo as Bitcoin so yeah.

Is it not profitable to mine BTC with them anymore?

The S5's Hashpower of 1.16 TH/s compared to AntminerS9 @ 14 TH/s is so depressing 😂
I stopped running when I wasn't recouping my electricity costs.

Well you shouldn't think in electricity costs but more about the potential price of btc a few years from now. :)

Right! I know that is how I tend to think like all of my bitcoin I've kept and even when it's hit new highs I'm never tempted to sell because I care about holding the coins and the future use of bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general. I tend to forget that though about the mining aspect. Also I like the fact that they move into your possession directly with no intermiediary i.e. Coinbase. Really awesome chatting with you! Thanks a bunch!

But if you want to hold it wouldn't it be better to just buy BTC if it is cheaper? Why the effort to maintain the process and be surrounded by fan noice?

@napkin I have a brick and mortar game/comic store with a place to have them running where they don't disturb people. Also have commercial power rates. It's also a tax write off because it's on "display" in our game room. And there is the fact that when I mine I collect the coins "anonymously" unlike using coinbase. Plus it's actually a lot of fun 😊 Gets new people every day who come in the store talking about bitcoin and crytocurrencies 👍🏻 Here's a pic:

Okay wow with all these benefits I am really happy for you :)

Haven't run them in a long time so we will see how it goes 😊

Yeah, that's why I don't recommend mining, especially not Bitcoin.

Thanks for the reply 😊 I'm going to research the possibility of mining some BCH even if I don't make back the electricity costs I'd still like to mine a bit.

Please , check out my posts you will laugh . I write funny stuff

I was definitely eyeballing TENX back when it was about $0.60. I had a feeling it was going to go up to about $2.50 by December and it looks like it's easily well on its way to surpass that now. As for NEO...... I wish I had gotten in earlier. Now it's probably too late unless it comes back down significantly.

Didn't managed to read your earlier post on NEO, otherwise will take your suggestion. Will be waiting to read more from you. All the best in your projects.


Hello @acidyo, thank you for sharing your thoughts on all these alt coins. I am in agreement with you on the part that early starters do gain a head start over others. But that also comes with a price, i.e.the risk is at the highest. The crypto can become the next big thing with 5000% increase in its value, or it can also loose its initial hype and steam and loose its value by 99.99%.. I believe in carrying out my homework before investing in any of these currencies as it's my hard earned money and it's my responsibility to safeguard it. Peace..!!

“With e-currency based on cryptographic proof, without the need to trust a third party middleman, money can be secure and transactions effortless.” - Satoshi Nakamoto

Exactly. He paved the way for this tech and we should all be thankful for that.

Maybe the world economy can be saved after all. :)

NEO totally took me by surprise, kind of feel I missed the boat on that one so staying away from it for now.

One thing I like about the crypto world is just how many amazing opportunities are out there. All you have to do is be patient, be vigilant, and let the opportunities fall into your lap. Thinking about that helps keep the FOMO at bay whenever I see something like NEO and think "man, if only I'd chucked a thousand bucks into that a few weeks ago..."

Now that I know about these Alt-News posts of yours, I'll make an effort to keep up with them as part of my "being vigilant" exercise. Thanks for keeping us informed!

Yea, I agree. Total suprise. Even did some research on antshares after the ICO. Bought at $0.25 and sold all of my Antshares at $0.50 thinking, "sure made a killing on this".

Oh man, if only you'd held... it's always tough to know when to sell, I've done that a lot too. The old trader saying "nobody ever went broke taking profits" applies here, but so hard to know whether it's going to keep on going or crash back down. These days I always sell a big chunk whenever something doubles, but I keep some leftover too just in case.

@acidyo you've been into cryptocurrencies since early 2013 and here I am still reading articles and post to know what exactly all these coins are about.
Gonna Stay Updated to your Post @acidyo. Very much Informative.

Looks like all the big companies jumping on the blockchain train and after that I think many smaller companies will do as well. I have a friend he is working on a blockchain for HRS Hotel Reservation Service. It is very cool to see what blockchain technology is doing for the world and how quick it grows.
THE WORLD IS GOING BLOCKCHAIN thanks for sharing this info have a nice day and Steem on :)

I read your last article and was stupid to miss out on NEO. Once my ethereum I bought is deposited i am buying tenX

I am defenitly in for the long run. I already quadrippled my investment from march/aptil till now so I am a happy man.

We'll see what the future brings. Right now people are only concerned with the top 3 ETH, LTC and BTC at the moment

Very good post

Hi @acidyo your post reminds me of the wonderful days when we were and could mine some BTC with our laptops. Good old days I must say and the price of BTC has increased many folds since then. I love the idea of your post. It is indeed a good ideas to spot a coin that is about to go up in value . Looking forward to reading your post to follow and understand what to buy when and when to book profits ;)

Glad to see you motivated and keeping busy , keep working hard on your projects ! Steem will always be here waiting for you to show us your results :D @acidyo

You just copied this comment from another comment in this post, lol.

I also just realized how is important about Whitepapper and the purpose their making coin, also their project. So that is our future investment, we should read their aim and project before buy their coin. Nice:)

Which one? NEO?

No, I just bought and support Indorse, you can visit :)

I'll check it out later.

And is it worthwhile now to pay back NEO, or the price of it will not rise?

Whilst reading this I had a vivid flashback of those days when you could trade on soldierfront with bitcoin..If only I knew back then 😥.
Looking forward to this Alt news you'll be working on! The more knowledge that gets out there on crypto the more people will gravitate towards it. See just from reading this post i've been enlightened about tenX which im about to go read more on.So Thanks a ton @acidyo 👍 Great post 🤓

Keep an eye out for OmiseGO (OMG). Also, some Stratis news will drop soon that should give it a little boost.

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Haven't said hi in a while, why not now :) I clicked on your post because I'm all in alts and I feel the ground is slipping. What rule do you use when buying alts? I really should have kept 1/3 in BTC, 1/3 in popular stuff and gamble with the rest. But it is so tasty, you know? :)

Thank you for your excellent posts

For then very little know, I used paypal and payza, as a means of payment. Lol

Wish I was able to get into crypto a little earlier, but still glad I got in when i did, this really is just the beginning. I would say that less than 1% of the world even knows about crypto currency and I'd say less than 50% of that 1% know about steemit. Imagine what steemit could be in the future

I mine ethereum and need your help in optimising performance and increasing profit.
I m using rx 570 cards... And getting only 26 hashrate per card.. any suggestions...

I don't mine anymore :) I'd recommend checking or asking in:

Waoo Really new post ...[Akshardham Temple]

It was wonderful to know keep working hard keep steeming
Thanks for sharing looking forward to your post's

May live long with cryptocurrency#mate
Best luck for you

Well, amazing post, to the point and i gained great knowldge
alts are future and we are entering in a great era.....
Checkout technical analysis on alts in my profile....

great to see your hardwork, motivation and sharing ur work with us.
i will be looking to ur new posts on it. help us and make us rich

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This is fantastic and I love its ingenuity.

Congratulations @acidyo!
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Nice will keep an eye on your posts, got onto neo and tenx few days ago

I wish had known BTC earlier, but I think this is just the beginning :)

nice post sir, resteemed and upvoted sir

Sorry to hear you will be spending less time in chat....but I get it, that service can be a burden...
But I am glad you did it and will do it as you have time!!
Looks like you are having fun too with the FF league.

Thanks! Keep this alt-coin info streeming along! I have so much to learn!

@acidyo i'm very tuuuned

Impressed with Antshares, I was going to invest when was six dollars,
i gave up for fear.. His suggestions really are great.

@junaidfarooq Thank you , it's so nice to hear about your own travels to Turkey, with so many mutual experiences, it's a sign that Turkey truly is a mecca for travellers and accessible to all people!

As you said, I do love the mix of European and Asian culture, and it's also the reason why I decided to stay near the old town next to the Hagia Sophia, I seem to remember however that it is located on the West side of the Bosphorous and therefore is the European side and not Asian side. Do correct me if i'm wrong though!

As always I have time to visit the blogs of my favourite people, you being one of them

Like seriously? Did you read the post?

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xD spammers be spamming

Please check out my posts you will laugh . I write funny stuff