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What Hive did with their blacklist is just as bad. I previously said it wasn't that bad, but since the witnesses of Hive are going around pulling the BCH move and telling everyone Hive is the "real Steem" then that blacklist, as far as I am concerned, is just as much theft as anything else. You can't have your cake and eat it too, either Hive is not Steem, or the blacklist stole people's "STEEM"


It's not the same.
Hive is legally considered a new asset according to a widely accepted definition by authorities including the IRS. It is fair tonl say they were not airdropped the new asset. This isn't theft by any common definition of theft. It's a privilege and not a right.

Steem is an existing asset. Freezing it or seizing it may be considered theft. Private property is definitely a right.

If people say Hive is the real contination, that is besides the point and a petty argument. Perhaps they can try to sue for this but it isn't really a winable case as the antics with btc and bch and bsv show us.

We have millions of cases of theft to review and compare for civil claims, but maybe kinda sorta one for a blockchain fork people don't like.

The fact that you think this is even says more about your logic and ethics than it does about anything else. They are separate cases.

The fact that you think this is even says more about your logic and ethics than it does about anything else.

You think it is fine for people to copy a entire network, selectively delete people's assets from that network with the intent on attacking and usurping the original, damaging the investment of those still holding the original asset all while claiming they are the "real" one now... Wow. Its hilarious that you think my logic and ethics are questionable.

Its also hilarious that anyone supporting Hive would dare say anything about digital theft in regard to freezing assets. After all, it was the Hive community behind doing the first round of asset forfeiture.

There is nothing stopping anyone from copying Hive or Steem and forking over and over.

It's allowed and perfectly legal. If you dispute this, go ahead and waste your time on a pointless legal case.

Hive is not claiming to be steem, you are basically saying they don't have a right to an opinion to think they are better so your argument is a non-starter.

Enjoy censorship on Steem. Hive will not tolerate it.

Hive is not claiming to be steem

They are claiming to be Steem. That is the whole point of what I am saying. They are trying to say they are the "real Steem" not just better than Steem.

Anyway, there really is no point to continue the arguments. If you look at the data the evidence shows both blockchains are getting screwed in the deal. STEEM and HIVE are being powered down and sold for something else, most likely Bitcoin.

Some people on both chains are powering up, while many more are selling off. That indicates that both communities are shrinking. Its a lose-lose situation for both communities.

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