Statement from the @blockbrothers #2.


Thank you for your trust in @blockbrothers.

We were against the Soft Fork because we don't believe in freezing anyone's assets and feared the precedent it would set. And we were right, while the Soft Fork turned out to be ineffective, the precedent will always be here and will loom over Steem forever.

What Justin did to take back his stake, by utilizing customers funds on exchanges, we also oppose. Using exchanges for this purpose is equally unacceptable.

With Justin now getting his stake back and the exchanges clearing most of their proxies we are seeing pure DPOS.

This is how it should have been from the start.

Having said that we do understand why both parties took both actions.

We, @blockbrothers, would have preferred more talks before action. We are happy to see these talks finally started.

The only outcome to the situation that makes sense for users, investors and witnesses is to make a deal that will suit both parties. Something we have said from the start.

We are just waiting for everyone to realize this.

Thanks again for your support.

End of statement.

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Exclaiming you were right doesn't make you right. The only precedent the witnesses set was that they will protect the blockchain when presented with an existential threat, and I'm glad they did.

In addition to an underlying skepticism that Ned would care enough to do a deal that actually takes into account the community's interests, Justin's own INITIAL actions toward the community were clearly not a good sign. Among other things, he confused Steemit with Steem, talked about swapping STEEM for TRX, migrating dApps, he showed that he clearly had NO IDEA that Steemit's STEEM stake had obligations attached, and he didn't even respond to meeting requests (like, seriously?). This forced the witnesses to act defensively such that nothing crazy would happen.

That's a perfectly reasonable and in fact responsible action considering the circumstances. ESPECIALLY considering that we're not talking about just ANY stake here. We're talking about Steemit's ninja-mined stake which, due to the attached obligations, is CLEARLY a special case.

So please stop pretending the action taken by witnesses has wider meaning and somehow looms over Steem forever. And stop comparing this perfectly reasonable action to the highly unethical action JS took by colluding with exchanges to usurp user stake and lock it up for 13 weeks in order to hijack the network with illegitimately voted sockpuppet witness nodes. Such comparisons are not intellectually honest.

And btw, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that not only was the action taken by witnesses reasonable and responsible, but also that Justin's response PROVED that the concerns witnesses had to begin with were WELL FOUNDED. We now know what JS is capable of. If the witnesses had not acted, in a few months we'd very likely be EXACTLY where we are now, except that JS would be far more prepared to force his will upon the community.

Let's not be so naive, please. Thanks.

Justin expected pushover centralized trash like LINO that he easily assimilated. What he got was a bunch of angry idealist that wouldnt take his shit.

Idealists that only think in codes and have literally no understanding of how humans respond to threats.

Did we really think he'd sit back and watch us freeze his stake and dictate the terms to him?

This post stated the obvious truth. Enough time should have been given for a dialogue.
It's amazing how people keep talking about what Justin did, as if that's all that happened.

Also, look at the person's history: Former Employees Sue Justin Sun and TRON Foundation, Alleging Workplace Hostilities. This isn't his first acquisition after which employees have resigned.

These are fucking sacrosanct words!! In my opinion you guys have been too good!! Person like him doesn't deserve nothing!!

doesn't deserve nothing!!

I don't think he deservers everything.


ahahahha is the double negation the problem with my sentence?
ok ok so i repeat it for a better understanding:
"he deserves nothing!! The only thing that he deserve is getting out from here!!

Exclaiming you were right doesn't make you right. The only precedent the witnesses set was that they will protect the blockchain when presented with an existential threat, and I'm glad they did.

A threat that has existed since this chain's inception, and they didn't really pay attention to it because they had a few accounts who pretty much guaranteed the top 20 positions.

Essentially, nothing changed. Just leadership of the biggest stakeholder company on here. Right then it became okay for the witnesses to 'protect the chain'. Foul play.

Yep, this part here triggered me as well.

Using exchanges for this purpose is equally unacceptable.

What you're saying here seems to be in contrast with what others are saying as to why the SF was implemented. From what @tombstone has said, there seems to be a bit more to it than there appears to be on the outside looking in. At the time of the SF I chose not to make a judgement, despite the questionability of restricting someone's use of their stake, purely because I wasn't privy to all the ins and outs of everything and wasn't really aware of what had been going on at the front lines. So I had to trust that those on the front lines knew what they were doing for the sake of the community who voted them in. Yet from what you've said here, I'm now not sure that the lower level witnesses are in the loop as much as they should be. Is this an oversight? It seems you weren't aware that attempts to talk to Sun had been ignored.

I had unvoted you as witness for the sake of getting the top 30 above but I've reinstated it just now. I removed a vote from a former top 20 whose rhetoric I find particularly problematic. I like what you have to say here and I wouldn't mind seeing this voice of reason in the top 20. It's not much but every vote counts, right?

Like I said the day Justin Bought Steem, he will not respect censorship resistance and he is just trying to make a quick buck.

Today your friend Justin censored the HIVE announcement. Now you owe the community an apology for all the stupid shit you have been saying for way too long.

Its on LASSECASH where, Justin can't censor anything.


Another reasonable statement to add to a growing list. I'm seeing good things.

I'm interested in your thoughts on 'a top priority' to have Justin apologize for calling witnesses supporting 22.2 malicious hackers.

Is covering asses or saving faces a top priority? In my case I support some of these people, but for the time being I think convincing Justin to wait before selling while moving forward on exploring the idea that the ninja mined stake is for Steem and not Steemit is most important.

I don't think Sun's maligning the witnesses carries any weight with folks that matter. From Buterin to BTC, anyone that understands the situation recognizes what Sun is up to and what the Steem witnesses have now achieved by taking 7 of the consensus positions and blocking Tron from executing a HF and extricating Binance and Huobi from their fraudulent positions.

I expect legal action to remedy the tortuous harm customers of those exchanges have suffered to completely reveal just who hacked maliciously to those that don't already know, and CZ will be lucky to avoid criminal charges IMHO. Sun as well. Dunno who runs Huobi, but them too.

Sounds like a long legal battle will happen.

I think Justin engineered a lot of this and at least anticipated it. Don't be tricked again. I think he has us exactly where he wants us. Lets not becime completely disorganized and squabbling for scraps.

Maybe he messed with CZ, CS (huobi) and Ned, too.

If he promised them they could powerdown their customers money right away, he sure did mess with them, because now he can't deliver, and they're stuck holding the bags of money with other people's names on it.

They're not gonna like that, and Sun did it to them.

They just thought no one would notice or care or stop them from using power to change this. Maybe they thought it was an easy change. They should have waited until they could immediately change it and took a gamble. It's not Justin's fault they supported Justin before the code was ready to be used.

Their keys, their choice. Regrettable they trusted him. Yeah he took advantage of them, but they took the bait and had the final say.

You're right. He reamed them pretty hard by not having that code in place prior to the forkening.

They've got to regret taking part at this point. He has left them dangling.

Only we can save them now.

The exchanges have the voting power to initiate a fork for a quick powerdown anytime they want.

No. They have the stake, but they do not have the fork. I am confident they are dependent on Tron for that code. Also, it is notable that to possess the stake to tip the scales on governance, they must seize their customers money for their own use.

That is a clearly tortuous harm to their customers, and is probably a criminal act. IANAL, but my understanding of fiduciary responsibility is the basis for my statements here.

Whether it's a crime or not, anyone that sends Steem to exchanges presently deserves to lose it. The exchanges are provably taking it and using it for harm to the Steem blockchain, which harms Steem stakeholders.

A different perspective is the exchanges have responsibility to ensure safety of customer funds by remaining in voting position until frozen wallet issue can be resolved.

Except Sun isn't a customer, and they have no legal obligation to protect his funds. I suspect a court would not agree that exchanges had any business protecting Sun's funds. They should be protecting their customers, and instead they've granted Sun complete control of the very source of the funds those customers entrusted to them, by using those customers funds to fuck them, instead of Sun, because they like Sun, not want to fuck him.

Talking is always better than killing.

I currently proxy you for my witness votes. Are you at least voting enough top witnesses to keep a hard fork from happening until some sort of agreement can be worked out? I believe that the 22.4444 fork that they are running has reverted things to the 22.1 state.

I only see one possible compromise. Remove the voting rights but no constraints on selling the stake.

Either this or hardfork into two coins.

I think the problem remains there that if they remove the voting rights but allow the sale of the stake, it can easily be moved to a fresh account and be used to upvote witnesses. I wish they had simply waited until the town hall before doing anything rash, although hindsight is 20/20 as they say. I'm not a witness, so I wasn't privy to the discussions between the witnesses that executed the 22.2 softfork. At this point all I care about is keeping Tron's zombie witnesses from hard forking this chain out of existence. We'll figure out the rest later.

Nothing to ad. You are one the clear thinking witness here.

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