"Loot at the bottom!"

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I've been working ( alongside @axolotl.rosa - coder budy ) on concepts for a game that I think is bound to exist at some point next year... At least it will exist as a trailer for a game. Which have nothing to do with this #lowpoly #isometric #3D scene:


I used blender for modeling and rendering.




I think it looks quite cool in this normal map-colors.


Thanks matey!

(ง * n ' )ว

Been trying to abstract things and express them without much detail.

Yo! Welcome to steemit. And thanks :D

Yo mate! Thanks :D how's that shoulder doing?

feeling waaaay better! :)
going step by step

That's great! So have you been riding that motorbike lately?

nah. didnt ride for years..

that's a shame man, not even with someone else driving/steering?

This is a really cool little scene :) What glows at the bottom

@tipu curate

All that one needs is at the bottom. One have to do a little extra effort to grab it but one is already there... in front of it XD Thanks mate!

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Thanks for the support!

this looks great. may i ask, how long did it take to complete one block? is blender hard to learn?

Thanks! Of course. This piece took me a whole day to finish. I think it could've taken me about half of that. My lap is old, and when I preview and tweak the lightning, materials, etc... it takes forever

My opinion on blender: it does have a steep learning curve, mainly learning to use the hotkeys and some interface stuff. But it pays off and is a lot of fun. Is also super flexible, powerful, free, open source and community driven... mostly.
Here I'm talking about version 2.79... Have not tried the new all-mighty 2.8. It has a lot of new features and improvements.

thank you. you said its free so i might just give it a try.... it would be fun i guess

Yes give it a try. There are tons of tutorials about everything Blender. And if you need some tips or have any question you can ask me. I'll be glad to help.
乁( • ω •乁)


I have to admit that these creations are totally genuine and give me that air of Mtv haha

Greetings from Venezuela

Jaja sí podría ser una de esas cortinillas, spots o promos de mtv. Gracias!

Saludos desde México.

Master esos ambientes te quedaron de aquellas he! la neta te la rifas

Gracias mi hermano!

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