Please do not upload piracy on the steem network, it will not be rewarded here, the community only supports original content.

We are not looking for profit, we are only using Dtube to upload anime episodes without Advertisements.
We chose Dtube because in an article we did read, was written this:
"Dtube is a blockchain video service made to combat the censorship & demonetization of youtube (other services).
Since it's blockchain, there's no way to take a video down or censor it!"
This is why we decided to use Dtube as platform, because Dtube was what we needed and what we were searching for.
I'll say it again: We are not looking for profit.
Please provide us a final answer about if we can provide this service using Dtube or not.
Thank you in advance!

Your content si an obvious middle finger to copyright laws. We have received DCMA complaints for this type of stuff before, and we would probably get one for your channel and would need to take it down.

We can obviously not stop you from keeping on uploading it and we won't block until we receive a formal DMCA complaint. However, DTube would rather not have your content displayed in the 'new' section of the website. We do not want to promote piracy, at all. Therefore, if you want to keep using DTube for uploading to IPFS I recommend you to tag your videos as nsfw, this will stop your content from being seen in the new category, while still being watchable from the direct link.

"Your content si an obvious middle finger to copyright laws" There are thousand of websites which are earning through Ads providing the same content as we do, but, like we said, we don't care about profit.
Anyway, we perfectly understand your position and we don't want you to recive any DCMA complaints because of this channel. That's why, as soon as possible, we will talk about this and will let you know in here what our last decision was.
Thank you for the friendly advice about tagging our videos as NSFW, it was really appreciated!
For the moment we apologize for the inconvinience caused.
Kind Regards!

We decided not to continue to use Dtube to upload our videos.
Thank you for the patience and to have explained us your reasons.
Kind Regards!

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