BitUniverse and Its Grid Trading Bot Is Amazing

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After seeing the tweet about some trading contest between KuCoin and BitUniverse, I decided to check them out. Could this be another Bitconnect in the making? However, after downloading the app and trying it out, I was blown away. I can't believe this thing is still relatively unknwon. If you already have a Binance or KuCoin trading account, this thing is even more valueable. It serves not only as a portfolio tracker, but you can trade directly from your phone app when you import your trading keys.

As for the grid trading, here's an article explianing it in detail:

By leveraging the auto trade feature and setting your own high and low prices as well as how many grids and amount per grid. You profit by continusly selling and buying with in the range. The longer the market stay in the range the more profit you stand to take with the bot. Too see it in action:

Sign up for BitUniverse and Exchanges here:

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