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A few weeks ago, I took the freedom to hire a few people on Upwork to look into browser plugins for BitShares


The browser app builds on the following technology stack:

  • react-js
  • react-scripts
  • bitsharesjs
  • npm



The development has cost my company around 2,100€. Given that I do not have the time to continue the work on it, as well as I am not a JS developer, I release this code for the BitShares community at no cost and under MIT License.
Please take what you need and build your tools!





This is next level stuff here! Keep up the good work

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wow, now that is cool! Nice work, and very generous of you. I'm no developer but I hope someone takes this up.

WOW!! ! You all seice to amaze me with what you[re doing. I am trying to build a repository now on github and hopefully list a project very soon. Thanks for everything @xeroc ! I am inspired by your work and have been for 4 years now! #namaste

Thanks for giving the chance to enjoy this beautiful news!!

It costed you huge amount of money...you released your code to bitshare community at no cost...hats off to you.

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