What does Bitshares, Steemit and EOS have in common ????

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Daniel Larimer - Co-Founder of BitShares, Steemit and now EOS


Bitshares (BTS) - Price @ $0.137243 / 0.00003155 BTC

Founded in 2016 by Dan Larimer and Ned Scott
Website - https://bitshares.org

Steemit (STEEM) $1.44 / 0.00033057 BTC


Steemit Dollar (SBD) @ $0.944474 / 0.00021714 BTC


By May 2017 there were around 170,000 Steemit users that was launched March 2016. Steemit quickly has become a daily social news community and available in English and several other languages.

Steemit rewards -

  • Post & comment rewards are split 75% to you the author & 25% to the curators (those involved in interacting with your post)
  • 50/50 split of STEEM Power are awarded to the authors and those who have commented (7 days after a post or comment made)
  • 100% STEEM Power rewards are optional for posts.
  • You can chose to decline payouts.

Now Dan Larimer has taken all he has learnt from building Bitshares and Steemit and now running an new ICO - EOS

EOS (EOS) $1.34 / 0.00030750 BTC / 0.00392295 ETH BTC

Website - https://eos.io

Infrastructure for Decentralized Applications
Video - Consensus 2017



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Let me be clear, I don't claim to be an advisor or an expert in any of these coins / assets / tokens. I may have gotten some facts wrong, but I'm going to give you my opinion. Take them for what they are worth and make up your own mind and do your own investigation. This is not financial advice or must not be construed as such. Past performance is no indication of future success. This is your money - manage wisely!!

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Its funny to see how all 3 of them currently have a similar market cap. Also all 3

If you watch the video - Daniel Larimer comes across very down to earth, community is very important.
If you don't place nice in Steemit and EOS then there can be consequences.
Will interesting to see which one is the best winner - I think EOS

It is good for EOS investors and thanks for your comment - I will have a look at your post
Just followed you and appreciate if you follow me too

Great thank you hope you stop by my blog at some point and check out my lovely organic skincare product and I will be following you for more great content.

Glad you like my post and will check your post at a later stage - Just followed you too
Have a great week and see you around on Steemit

Very good

Glad I could give you a little insight into Steemit and other ICO. Have a great week and just followed you and appreciate if you follow me too

I would call your mind work, graphs and speculations rather logical and at times with a deep insight of intuition. Your ideas help me out to feel a lil better in the ocean of currencies. Thanks)))

Glad I could help a little and we are all in the same crytocurrencies boat - we need to support and encourage each other - have a great week and see you around on Steemit