Steem, BTS, and Asset Market Update 9/2 and Giveaway for 9/9

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Leave your bitshares name for a (potential) PRIZE! Check out price data on some bitshares market trading pairs

Please vote and leave your bitshares user name for possible giveaway. Check recent prices for steem(it) bitshares UIAs and others for BITSHARES, STEEM, STEEMFACTORY, TASKMANAGER, TRAIL, VIRGROW, VIVACOIN, WANGCHANGE, and ZAPPL bitshares UIAs (User Issued Assets).

From now on your may receive an token names PRIZE this will be your prize and may be exchanged for whatever asset token you choose. You can find the PRIZE trading pairs in this post along with major trading pairs for some of the bitshares asset tokens that users and traders find of more interest. Such as PRIZE/VIRGROW

Will continue giving away while providing information and updates while encompassing virtualgrowth ideas with VIRGROW and xVG on/with bitshares and tradeqwik/viva respectively. So please feel free to look through my ideas and let me know what you think and I will consider doing this again in some ways based on our shared interest and learning. While I also think towards a possible crypto gamification of some sort through my experimenting and seeking way(s) to learn and help others learn while sharing energy and time through a mixture of traditional and philosophical ideas and means. VIRGROW and virtualgrowth will continue to evolve in(to) some form of decentralizing exchanging and sharing of energy and time. Cryptocurrencies has brought us so much that may in fact be so little of what may be potentially possible as we all seek to learn more about these amazing creatures we call cryptocurrrencies... So let's get started, "A" is for "Apple", I mean "A" is for APPX(.WARRANT).

credit @mrwang

If you don't have a bitshares / OpenLedger account yet you may sign up for on here. And if/when you do please comment/reply with your new bitshares name and (so) I may reward you with a surprise based on your activity from time to time.

Also check out: Bitshares - State of the Network - 29th August 2017 by @steempower


(Top volume) trading pair on bitshares: APPX.WARRANT : OPEN.BTC, PRIZE/APPX.WARRANT

#NameTypePriceMarket CapSupplyVolume (24h)Holders
114APPX.WARRANTUIA$0.0451$67,684 *1,500,000Low vol136


(Top volume) trading pair on bitshares: BEYONDBIT : BTS, PRIZE/BEYONDBIT

MarketLast PriceLast Price ($)24h VolumeVolume ($)


(Top volume) trading pair on bitshares: BLOCKPAY : BTS, PRIZE/BLOCKPAY
Website: & BlockPay on Telegram

MarketLast PriceLast Price ($)24h VolumeVolume ($)
BLOCKPAY : OPEN.BTC0.0000615 OPEN.BTC$0.264422,467 BLOCKPAY$5,941
BLOCKPAY : BTS1.89 BTS$0.263618,672 BLOCKPAY$4,938


(Top volume) trading pair on bitshares: BROWNIE.PTS : BTS, PRIZE/BROWNIE.PTS

#NameTypePriceMarket CapSupplyVolume (24h)Holders
98BROWNIE.PTSUIA$0.6$5,640,000 *9,400,000Low vol248

BTS - BitShares

(Top volume) trading pair on bitshares: BTS : PPY, PRIZE/BTS

MarketLast PriceLast Price ($)24h VolumeVolume ($)
BTS : CNY0.943 CNY$0.13956,159,940 BTS$859,199
BTS : PPY0.02383 PPY$0.13952,842,260 BTS$396,443


(Top volume) trading pair on bitshares: BTSR : BTS, PRIZE/BTSR
visit for more information

MarketLast PriceLast Price ($)24h VolumeVolume ($)
BTSR : BTS0.9 BTS$0.12557,582 BTSR$952
BTSR : OPEN.BTC0.00003 OPEN.BTC$0.1296,848 BTSR$860


(Top volume) trading pair on bitshares: BTWTY : BTS, PRIZE/BTWTY
More information at

MarketLast PriceLast Price ($)24h VolumeVolume ($)
BTWTY : BTS982,962 BTS$137,1050.00081 BTWTY$111


(Top volume) trading pair on bitshares: CNY : BTS, PRIZE/CNY

MarketLast PriceLast Price ($)24h VolumeVolume ($)
CNY : BTS1.06 BTS$0.1486,485,660 CNY$959,457
CNY : USD0.148 USD$0.148353,837 CNY$52,345


(Top volume) trading pair on bitshares: GOLD : USD, PRIZE/GOLD

MarketLast PriceLast Price ($)24h VolumeVolume ($)
GOLD : BTS9,620 BTS$1,3420.17 GOLD$228
GOLD : CNY8,852 CNY$1,3100.11 GOLD$147


(Top volume) trading pair on bitshares: USD : BTS, PRIZE/USD
Approximate value: $1.00

MarketLast PriceLast Price ($)24h VolumeVolume ($)
USD : OBITS1.032 OBITS$194,454 USD$94,454
USD : BTS7.17 BTS$175,308 USD$75,308


(Top volume) trading pair on bitshares: HERO : BTS,

MarketLast PriceLast Price ($)24h VolumeVolume ($)
HERO : BTS1,046 BTS$1465.1 HERO$750
HERO : USD163 USD$1634.9 HERO$709


(Top volume) trading pair on bitshares: ICOO : BTS
Read more, PRIZE/ICOO

MarketLast PriceLast Price ($)24h VolumeVolume ($)
ICOO : BTS61.5 BTS$8.58398 ICOO$3,411
ICOO : CNY58.2 CNY$8.652 ICOO$446


(Top volume) trading pair on bitshares: OBITS : BTS, PRIZE/OBITS
Check out more on

MarketLast PriceLast Price ($)24h VolumeVolume ($)
OBITS : BTS7.1 BTS$0.99118,935 OBITS$115,289
OBITS : USD0.97 USD$0.9792,504 OBITS$89,668


(Top volume) trading pair on bitshares: OCT : CNY, PRIZE/OCT

MarketLast PriceLast Price ($)24h VolumeVolume ($)
OCT : CNY1.326 CNY$0.196183,410 OCT$36,010
OCT : BTS1.457 BTS$0.203314,502 OCT$2,847

OpenLedger Crypto backed assets -


(Top volume) trading pair on bitshares: OPEN.BTC : BTS, PRIZE/OPEN.BTC

MarketLast PriceLast Price ($)24h VolumeVolume ($)
OPEN.BTC : BTS30,984 BTS$4,32224.4 OPEN.BTC$105,008
OPEN.BTC : CNY28,811 CNY$4,2629 OPEN.BTC$39,013


(Top volume) trading pair on bitshares: OPEN.ETH : CNY, PRIZE/OPEN.ETH

MarketLast PriceLast Price ($)24h VolumeVolume ($)
OPEN.ETH : BTS2,393 BTS$334161 OPEN.ETH$49,096
OPEN.ETH : USD330 USD$33038 OPEN.ETH$11,758


(Top volume) trading pair on bitshares: OPEN.SBD : USD

MarketLast PriceLast Price ($)24h VolumeVolume ($)
OPEN.SBD : USD0.967 USD$0.967139 OPEN.SBD$134
OPEN.SBD : BTS6.96 BTS$0.97129 OPEN.SBD$125


(Top volume) trading pair on bitshares: OPEN.STEEM : BTS

MarketLast PriceLast Price ($)24h VolumeVolume ($)
OPEN.STEEM : BTS9.23 BTS$1.287608 OPEN.STEEM$782


(Top volume) trading pair on bitshares: OPEN.PPY : OPEN.BTC, PRIZE/OPEN.PPY

MarketLast PriceLast Price ($)24h VolumeVolume ($)
OPEN.PPY : OPEN.BTC0.00147 OPEN.BTC$6.312.13 OPEN.PPY$12
OPEN.PPY : BTS39.3 BTS$5.492.1 OPEN.PPY$12

Visit for more information


(Top volume) trading pair on bitshares: PPY : BTS, PRIZE/PPY

MarketLast PriceLast Price ($)24h VolumeVolume ($)
PPY : BTS42 BTS$5.8568,447 PPY$400,632


(Top volume) trading pair on bitshares: SILVER : BTS, PRIZE/SILVER

MarketLast PriceLast Price ($)24h VolumeVolume ($)
SILVER : BTS125.2 BTS$17.92734 SILVER$13,157
SILVER : OPEN.BTC0.00429 OPEN.BTC$18.420.4 SILVER$366


(Top volume) trading pair on bitshares: SOLCERT : BTS, PRIZE/SOLCERT
For more information on the New Money movement and this token certificate make sure to visit the blog

MarketLast PriceLast Price ($)24h VolumeVolume ($)
SOLCERT : BTS0.1176 BTS$0.016841,343 SOLCERT$23
SOLCERT : OPEN.BTC0.00000748 OPEN.BTC$0.0321293 SOLCERT$5


(Top volume) trading pair on bitshares: STEEMFACTORY : BTS, PRIZE/STEEMFACTORY
Visit @steemfactory for more information
Steem Factory Mining Income Report - 8/26/2017 - Earned $53.43

#NameTypePriceMarket CapSupplyVolume (24h)Holders
113STEEMFACTORYUIA$0.456$45,597 *100,000Low vol144


(Top volume) trading pair on bitshares: STEEMP : OPEN.STEEM, PRIZE/STEEMP

#NameTypePriceMarket CapSupplyVolume (24h)Holders
203STEEMPUIA$2.15$10,746 *5,000Low vol31


(Top volume) trading pair on bitshares: TASKMANAGER : BTS, PRIZE/TASKMANAGER
Visit @taskmanager for more information

#NameTypePriceMarket CapSupplyVolume (24h)Holders


(Top volume) trading pair on bitshares: TRAIL : OPEN.STEEM, PRIZE/TRAIL

#NameTypePriceMarket CapSupplyVolume (24h)Holders
97TRAILUIA$0.01658$1,657,614 *100,000,000Low vol264


(Top volume) trading pair on bitshares: VIRGROW : PRIZE, PRIZE/VIRGROW

#NameTypePriceMarket CapSupplyVolume (24h)Holders
103VIRGROWUIA$8.74$8,743 *1,000Low vol198


(Top volume) trading pair on bitshares: VIVACOIN : USD, PRIZE/VIVACOIN

#NameTypePriceMarket CapSupplyVolume (24h)Holders
181VIVACOINUIA$5.65$56,491 *10,000Low vol41


(Top volume) trading pair on bitshares: WANGCHANGE : BTS, PRIZE/WANGCHANGE

MarketLast PriceLast Price ($)24h VolumeVolume ($)
146WANGCHANGEUIA$27.9$253,913 *9,102Low vol66


(Top volume) trading pair on bitshares: WHALESHARE : BTS, PRIZE/WHALESHARE

MarketLast PriceLast Price ($)24h VolumeVolume ($)


(Top volume) trading pair on bitshares: ZAPPL : USD, PRIZE/ZAPPL
Visit @zappl for more information
Zappl Website Beta Teaser by @zappl

#NameTypePriceMarket CapSupplyVolume (24h)Holders
104ZAPPLUIA$2.65$111,226 *41,970Low vol187

Also check out TradeQwik to trade with Viva coin related crypto as well as xVG, TRAIL, and XWANG which are available for trade as well.

Continue to vote for your choices and now vote for as many as you want. From now on you will receive a PRIZE token which will be part of a Bitshares Trading Contest of which you will have the option of redeeming the token for the (giveaway) token of your choice or working on accumulating PRIZE tokens as the top holders will rewarded from 20% of the prize pool with 80% of the prize pool for PRIZE redemption. Votes will go towards choosing a variety crypto and tokens that will be part of a sort of decentralized fund being managed by you the participants. This new idea will help decentralize some aspects of my ideas getting more people involved and interacting.

Please leave your bitshares account name fora giveaway token which you may redeem for other tokens on the open market or collect more of to win part of the prize pool as one of the top PRIZE token holders!

Credit: @klye with free STEEM from STEEM.GLOBAL


Thank you for the update. Still a newbie when it comes to crypto though.






Thanks VG!



vote for STEEM (POWER)



Thank you :)



vote for PRIZE

(Exchangeable for many tokens)

m0nui (zero as 0)


lusterdoom123 is my openledger.

I just downloaded on my computer the BitShares wallet - version 2 the light one and it will be great if i will win some coins...
My new BitShares account is: georgemales-1979

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