👻 Anonymity and decentralization: an application for the stealth (hidden) transactions of the Graphene / Bitshares / Steem

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Hello! This is my first post on steemit and it's dedicated to bitshare.

I will teach to make anonymous transfers on a decentralized graphene-based exchange Bitshares/OpenLedger/RuDEX

But first - A few details about myself

Carefully, my English is a bit ugly :)

I am a fairly active member of the golos.io. Being a witness and an enthusiast I try to devote a lot of time to studying the graphene ecosystem and his API.
To date, I've made a few bots for the golos.io:
First of all, this is a https://golos.io/@robot bot for user notifications.
With its help, I also make automatic donations to users with my own funds.
Donation stats available in a robot blog

I also created a series of bots for automated voting in the telegram messenger

Any user can launch a bot for golos/steem voting right in the messenger!
There is also a version for STEEM https://t.me/@steemxbot (Unfortunately I did not manage to translate it into English)

I've done a lot of different things, for example a simple analytics of interaction of accounts with an upvote.tk for a GOLOS. And STEEM version of https://steem.tk

Well, there are many more, you can find it in my blog https://golos.io/@vik
And it is possible to steem :)

Bitshares Stealth & Blinded

Just yesterday, I started making my first trading bot for bitshares and while I was searching for the necessary API queries I found a client for a stealth transaction that is already over a year old!

It should be noted that the Russian community is often under the pressure of the government, therefore stealth transactions for us are a popular option. Perhaps it will be useful to STEEM users

Stealth Transaction Application GUIDE

First you need to download and install the client


Next, find the file to run in/Program Files (x86)

Now create a new wallet

Securely save the password and backup the file

Now we need to create a public account

And also a private account. Please note that the private account must start with the ~

Then I sent some BTS to my new public account

And now go to the send tab

Note that the stealth transaction has a commission higher than standart and is approximately ~20 BTS

And now the most interesting! We'll send someone money from an invisible account!

Again pay the commission. This time 15 + 15 BTS
But this is not so much, considering that this is not a percentage, but a fixed commission!

Vu'a la!

I anonymously managed to get money for a bitshares vik-x account

At the same time, as seen in the cryptofresh block explorer, I sent money to a blind anonymous account from another vik-golosaccount

Of course, this is the basic level of anonymity, where there is simply no direct link between accounts. But the connection can be calculated by logic - time stamp, amounts, etc. To make the transfer really anonymous - you can use several blind accounts and transfer money in different amounts and at different times between blind accounts

I hope my post was useful to you :)

I really like the technology of graphene. Sometimes it seems to me that all new crypto-currencies with loud advertising are useless and unnecessary - because all that is needed for mankind has already been created on Graphene! :)


Stealth transfers also available on STEEM


Thanks for sharing. At the moment, Bitshares seems a bit complicated to me...But the potential seems to be there...and open ledger too for that matter. I like things as simple as possible. I realize often times simplicity is the result of breaking down the complex math. Understanding all the concepts, relationships dynamics. Can you explain to me the basic function of Bitshares versus Open Ledger. Do i have it right that open ledger is just the trading of coins via buy and sell orders? Further explanations would help me. Thanks.

Can you explain to me the basic function of Bitshares versus Open Ledger

In fact, this is the same thing.

And here is the same entry point in Russian from @blockchained

These are just access points to a single Decentralized market. They are the same in terms of functionality.

OpenLedger also provides gateway services for entering and withdrawing traditional money. This gateway functionality is available on all these exchanges.

By the way, the account of the @openledger is on Steem and you can use it for transfers to the exchange. (For this you need to get a unique memo associated with your account on the page https://openledger.io/deposit-withdraw/
And You can send a STEEM / SBD

Do i have it right that open ledger is just the trading of coins via buy and sell orders?

Basically yes. As on the ordinary exchange.
But also you have a number of advantages inherited from the DPOS paradigm.
You can take part in the formation of a decentralized society, take part in voting for members of the committee and witnesses.

You can also issue your own asset coins and tokens on a decentralized exchange! And in the future there will be smart contracts based on EOS

Thank You So Much for this detailed response. Grateful.

all new crypto-currencies with loud advertising are useless and unnecessary - because all that is needed for mankind has already been created on Graphene! :)

You're 100% right. I think this too...

The reason bitshares isn't well known and isn't growing rapidly is because of lack of marketing.

The reason most businesses fail is because a lack of marketing.

Bitshares doesn't need tech geeks, crypto investors or developers opinions about marketing, bitshares needs professional marketing. Period. I see this time and time again with failed businesses, failed products, failed events and failed services all over the place. To ignore marketing is the biggest mistake a project can make.

Build it and they will come attitudes are just asking for stagnation and failure. They will not come unless it's marketed.

To be really fair though... Bitshares has plenty of marketing, but it could use more.

I think we (people in the crypto space) are too close to the space to really see it. Outside of the space nobody really has a clue what Bitshares is.

С дебютом на стиме @vikx!

Thanks a lot for the post! Bitshares GUI sure isn't the most intuitive, but it seems to get the job done.

agreed. Bitshares open ledger need a UI/UX redesign to make it. Competition in DEX are coming...fast.

you made it great to be the first time you blog , many of us have a month or months and never reach too many likes , well we have to admited your blog it's pretty interesting , thanks for share i follow you and i hope we can be friends and you visit my blogs too :)

Welcome Vik. Nice seeing you here and Golos. Great post. :)
Добро Пожаловать Вик. Приятно видеть Вас здесь, и голос. Великий пост.

Welcome! It looks like you have a lot of good things to share. Look forward to reading more!

Thank you for posting @vikx.

Well written.....informational....necessary.....post.

Will give it a go.

Yes...those in the western world are under pressure from the government as well......most are in the denial stage of truth revealed.

You did see that three privacy coins were in the top ten alt-coins recently.......interesting. Cheers.

You did see that three privacy coins were in the top ten alt-coins

And It's not fair!

Monero, zcash, dash(darksend), etc. - Many of these coins have nothing but anonymity! If you take away their anonymity - they are practically useless.

At the same time STEEM / Bitshares is a whole ecosystem of possibilities. Very wide area of use. I think this is a sleeping volcano :)

First post? You are jamming. I have never seen a first post acquire so much steem/steem power. What ever you are doing keep it up. Welcome to Steemit. I am subscribed.

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