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RE: BEOS Launches Today - Here's how to get yours!

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Hope I did this right... after downloading the beos wallet, rather than adding an EOS api address, I chose the other option about allowing a blockchain to choose...and I selected BEOS...seemed like the most logical thing to do. But there was a question mark next to it... (I added a screenshot of my wallet, hope that looks right). When creating the wallet, it asked for a local password, I created a brand new password. I went back to my new bitshares account (created on that new clone of the bitshares exchange). I sent the BTS to my BEOS wallet. Now in that BEOS wallet I downloaded, it does show the BTS, labeled "BTS (eosio.token). Question: Should it be showing up as BTS eosio.token, anything else I have to do? Question 2: I read the PDF about the member agreement, I'm pretty sure that by simply paying the 500bts to create the beos wallet, I've automatically "Joined the BEOS LCA" right? just want to make sure i didn't miss that step of joining... Question 3, I hope clicking BEOS (once I downloaded the wallet was the right thing to do, does the top left of my screenshot look right? Oh and I cant seem to test transfer bts back from my beos wallet to my bitshares wallet on the bts exchange.... how is that done? Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 8.04.59 AM.png


I had this same question - you won't be able to transfer BTS out of the wallet (unstake) until the rainfall period begins on April 9th.

Corrrect, since transactions from BEOS to BTS require you to have BEOS in your wallet.

was trying to test sending BTS back (now that rainfall has started) and I get this error: "Invalid account name, must be 1-12 letters" I typed my bts account (the bts account on the bts exchange that has the legacy deposit for the beos gateway). Am I missing something by chance? ALSO, wonder if there might be a bug. On the "Balances" tab, "staked to self" says 310 BEOS yet on the "staked beos" tab, it says "Total 155 beos" and "Staked 155 beos". Makes it seem like I have 155 total beos and that all 155 are staked...Yet on my "balances" tab of my eos-voter BEOS wallet, it says my total is 310 BEOS. Wonder if that field mistakenly adds up the other two fields. Ignore my question if it's dumb. Just thought maybe I found a bug.

new post totally solved first question. thanks!

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