BitShares How-to Tutorial Video 1 - Setting up a Wallet on the BitShares DEX

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In this video I go over the things you need to know in setting up a BitShares wallet. I specifically set up a wallet that you download as I feel that is much more secure. I go over the importance of the password, bin file and brainkey. This is a very detailed video but if you watch it or get friends and family to watch it you will never have a problem with your BitShares wallet or lose access to it and your funds. Go here to get a wallet


This is an excellent tutorial to what I can'T help but consider the most powerful cryptocurrency in the world.

Thanks a lot, namaste :)

You're welcome mate. Thanks for the upvote :)

A video like this should be embedded on the signup page!

The different clients, account and wallet models, bin file and brainkey etc. sure was confusing when I first was looking into BitShares, haha.

I can understand why it can be a bit intimidating for newbies/non-technical people and most aren't willing to spend the time to get the hang of it so they just stick with what they know already.

Good video. I wouldn't advice people to store their details on iCloud though, it's not exactly known for being very secure as far as I know.

Thanks for the feedback Michael :)

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