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RE: Intra-Jurisdictional Blockchains

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Since government regulators are nothing more than 3rd party verification entities, I vote that we simply replace them with blockchain and be done with it. Do you think they will go for it?

An interesting idea and one that will get the purists upset but might be required. I like the analogy to a cruise ship. How difficult would it be to take a part of Bitshres and do this? Is it possible or will it require a completely new blockchain? I am sure an EOS fork would be rather simple.

Or, as I put on my tin foil hat, is @stan thinking about this potentially being a part of the BENCH project where a chain is created in a few minutes, yet is resides only in one area, say Salt Lake City as an example?

The wheels in that head are always spinning.


I dont know about BENCH project. Do you have any links? BTW our Orch is a realtime unforkable blockchain. It can't practically be forked and it's technologically enforced. Not enforced by some crappy govt regulations or US patents which neither China or Russia would respect. So any dapps built on it can potentially can monopolize its game unlike those running on top of traditional forkable blockchains. Plus token buyers/investors of Orch (ORC tokens) may reasonably expect much higher RoI and valuations as unforkablity is bullish for them while forkable tokens are bearish in the mid to long-term as anyone can replicate their hard works just by forking it.

adding to my previous message. Here is a comparison table of Orch (ORC) vs EOS vs ETH:

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