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RE: Gets Long Awaited Face Lift

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You might be the first person ever to wed Ezekiel and Nena in the same post.

Now that is impressive.

Equally as impressive, is I watched the video from earlier today and you managed to keep Connie off camera....I would venture to say that is another first. 😁

It is always uplifting to see your posts. Pricing action can really test a person's belief in a token. Bitshares and STEEM both have been hammered (along with everything else). What is trying is we all know these two blockchains have more going for them than anything else on the market. There is a reason why they have 2/3 the worlds blockchain transactions yet the world prices them like they are just another token.

Oh some point the crypto world will wake up to what is taking place. When that happens, we are going to see a massive run because the development and actions of people involved are enormous.

Thank you for all you do.....


No doubt, im stunned at how many people don't know about this Exchange. I try to do my part on commenting on Twitter and YouTube, but I hope some of the new voted allocations of capital will go towards marketing the site...just a great service and community

I am a believer that flying under the radar is not the worst thing in the world. As much as I want the price to go up, it actually is best to do things without a ton of attention. With technology, there are always bumps in the road. Working out the bugs with only a few people watching is much better than doing with millions.

That said, I am still surprised more people havent latched onto it. With things such as blocktivity out there showing the horsepower of both these blockchain, it is truly amazing that the masses seem to be missing it.

Here are two blockchains that are operational, processing a ton of transactions, and provide real world solutions, yet people put money into stuff that is still in the process of being developed OR encountering major challenges.

Sooner or later people will wake up.

So true....when you think about large institutions and money managers, they look for use cases and working projects. I can only imagine the interest once more investors hear about wonder Weiss Ratings gave it one of the highest grades...many people wanted to kill them for some of their grades...but they look at these things for their investors...make no mistake about it...large investors including hedge funds subscribe to Weiss to help them make's crazy , i see so many people online talking about the DEX's and they haven't even heard of Bitshares or don't realize it's just like the other exchanges, but with more features...cheers TM

The power of negative FUD. But it only ends up denying the DPOS deniers a chance to get in early and that just means they won't even be part of the crypto community in the long run.