Bitshares GUI release 2.0.170201

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Big new light wallet release with major update to the market charts and more.

Exchange picture

Charting revamp

The charting revamp is made possible by the awesome work by the github user rrag in making react-stockcharts, a complete financial plotting solution for React using the D3 library. Some of the new features included in this release are drawing of trend lines and fibonacci retracements, as well as support for toggling several different indicators like MACD, simple and exponential moving averages and volume averages.

Trend line and Fibonacci

Trend line and Fibonacci

Removal of OPEN.X prefix

The Openledger backed OPEN.X assets have established themselves as the primary non-smartcoin assets on Bitshares, so in an effort to simplify the user experience I've decided to remove the OPEN. prefix of these assets. OPEN.BTC thus becomes just BTC.

New dashboard with hidden prefix

OPEN.X prefixes hidden

Download links

Windows and Linux wallets are available here:
OSX wallet should be available "soon", most likely tomorrow.
Update: OSX light wallet is now available in the same location.

The full list of changes can be found here:

New features

  • Charting revamp: new charts using react-stockchart

  • Russian language translation thanks to @testzcrypto

  • Add brainkey restoration to create-account, improve brainkey restoration

  • All open orders, collateral and debt are now included when estimating total account value on the account screen

  • A 'Borrow' action added to the account assets table

  • A 'Reset settings' button added to the Settings page

  • Dates have been added to the Chat (requires implementation by other clients like Openledger also)

  • Hide 'OPEN.' prefix from Openledger assets

  • The dashboard market cards have been modified to be more clear

  • Hempsweet UIA symbol added ahead of their launch

Bug fixes

  • Many tweaks and fixes to colors, positioning and more
  • Make sure transfer asset stays synced
  • Fix bug in CER input during asset creation
  • Move 'show hidden accounts' inside DashboardList, improve the layout

Muh it's ok, not very impressive, I saw other UI much better ... Wait ... What ?
It's a decentralised exchange ???? You mean fully decentralised in a blockchain ? And it's that polished ??? Wait ... What ? 3 sec confirmation block, so it's real time trading ? OMG that's revolutionary !
The market cap is crazy high no ? What 10M$ only ??? This shit is going to be skyrocketing to the moon when people will realise !

Nice charts.. But removing OPEN prefix is very risky for BitShares platform. There is issuer who guaranty something. BitShares should not keep risk of one failed issuer. That solution makes the whole thing centralised beast, and that is not good.

This release is well ahead of the competition but misleading asset names are setting a bad precedent.

Great news, I look forward to upload the iOS version, probably tomorrow as you say. It look fantastic! Namaste :)

The new charts and drawing tools look great.
This is already far superior to most centralized exchanges out there.

Wrong logos:

The bts:btc logo is a manual override showing btc icon instead of BTS.

And I just don't have one for bit Silver so it defaults to the BTS icon

Yep looks great, thanks!

will provide one upcoming days ..

Great work and updates. Thank you!

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