Bitshares GUI release 2.0.160813

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New and improved account creation process, BlockTrades deposit improvements, Featured Assets update and several bug fixes.

Bitshares GUI Featured Markets

The major feature in this release is the refactored account creation process which will be introduced below. It also includes the improvements made by BlockTrades that were previously only available on Openledger. The details for those changes can be found in the Steemit announcement. The release also includes multiple minor bug fixes and enhancements.

Account creation

Bitshares account creation

Account creation is now a step by step process, where you first sign up and create an account, and are then guided through taking a backup. Finally, a "Get Started" screen is shown with some links to different parts of the GUI. This should make the on-boarding process a lot friendlier, and also help ensure that people understand that they need to make a backup of their wallet.

Light wallets

Binaries are available for Windows, Linux and OSX. They can be found here.

Full changelog

New features
- Refactor account creation
- Disable chart indicators by default
- BlockTrades deposit/withdraw improvements
- Update Featured assets, add ICOO/PeerPlays
- Change depth chart tooltip to table layout
- Restore the Account link to the Header
- Disable Chat by default, make it easier to enable/disable
- Add current price to Dashboard MarketCards

Bug fixes
- Rearrange Exchange components and improve responsive behaviour
- Adjust DepthChart min/max range
- Prevent infinite loop on bad system clock, add warning
- Filter out duplicate welcome messages from chat history
- Fix Orderbook click calculation
- Fix buy side order book click total calculation
- Fix for 1.0 balance claims

Fan of your work with Steem libraries and using them in my own project. I wonder how you get time to all these moving parts on different projects. Great work, mate!

Thanks. I do feel like I'm stretched too thin and don't get to devote as much time on some of the projects as they deserve, but on the other hand I always something interesting to do!

Ultimately doing things that interest you and contribute to all these wonderful platforms seem like great way of spending time ;)

@svk isn't is awesome to have a consistent place to post these updates now? As always, great work.

It is indeed :)

What bitshares can do that steem blockchain cant ? i'm interested by the answers please help thanks

How about stealth transactions, decentralized voting, crowdfunding, user issued assets, precious metals, stocks, bonds and more on a Blockchain?
Steem is a Social Network, BitShares a decentralized Asset Exchange . Two different business models and target markets. You can find more info at

i mean all this can happen on STEEM ? since it's a blockchain too, and decentralized.
what can prevent us from building a decentralized voting, or crowdfunding on steem blockchain ?

As far as i understand, Steem is the blockchain, Steemit is the social network
i'm not sure you got this right ;)

Yes, all these features are available in the Graphene toolkit developed by Cryptonomex: . BitShares, Steem, Peerplays, and Muse share the same core Blockchain code called "Graphene".

In theory, Steem could active the features like UIA, voting etc. too. The question will be, does it fit into a social media platform? Each feature attracts an individual market with their own requirements​ and demands.

Steem focus is social media. Why clutter that chain with stuff that can already be done on a chain designed for it. If Steemit starts getting mullions of users every ounce of its resources need to be used for making sure that experience is smooth as possible. If we start adding those features we may need to make tradeoffs at scale that could hurt the platform as a whole.

Thank you SVK for this update!! Especially the new account creation process should make it easier to get started and protect user funds. Always make a .bin file plus Brainkey backup!!

  • Disable Chat by default, make it easier to enable/disable


good announcement!
It is the reason that today BTS is move up.

I'm afraid I can't take credit for that, much as I'd like to. That's probably more related to the PeerPlays announcement in my opinion.

I do not know PeerPlays until now.
I'm with you.
It is graphene based blockchain is good!

You're right, but your work is also very important.

openledger is so much better than other exchanges. Number of users on the account has gone up significantly. There are 120 users there now. There used to be just 60. Last time I remembered.

I support @svk, his work and the entire team and thus upvote this post. It's the only way i can contribute to the success of the community today.

diao bao le

Is that the reason the price went up to 850 today?! lol

Good marketing for bts! Lets hope people will catch on

will my old account be active?
I tried to unlock my wallet and couldn't.
I removed most of my BTS to Bittrex, but had 34.xx left over
not a concern really, but the old account had some history i wanted to keep.

Great news and very timely. With all the new users coming into bitshares the account creation process and backups guides will be very valuable. Awesome work!!

Great community. Always building and improving. The recent hack at bitfinex highlighted the need for a quality dentralised trading platform and Bitshares fits the bill and then some.

Also nice to see a little climb in the 900s. I'm personally backing bitshares price to get back up in to 1200s sometime soon. 850 sats seems very undervalued.

Thank for your work @svk
I am sorry to missed the 12 hours upvote period. Now I have added you on my follow list.

Great progress as usual. I would like suggest two more features/changes.

  1. Can we have a percent change column in our account balances like there is in the exchange? It can be the same 24 hour change. This will make is easier to see what has happened without having to check each token on the exchange.
  2. On the horizontal view in the exchange, can there be a place where the latest price is shown larger like the vertical view? In the vertical view you have the latest price right there in the center of the price column. On the horizontal view you have squint at the tiny bar on the top to see the latest price. The latest price should be easiest thing to see at all times.

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