How about stealth transactions, decentralized voting, crowdfunding, user issued assets, precious metals, stocks, bonds and more on a Blockchain?
Steem is a Social Network, BitShares a decentralized Asset Exchange . Two different business models and target markets. You can find more info at

i mean all this can happen on STEEM ? since it's a blockchain too, and decentralized.
what can prevent us from building a decentralized voting, or crowdfunding on steem blockchain ?

As far as i understand, Steem is the blockchain, Steemit is the social network
i'm not sure you got this right ;)

Yes, all these features are available in the Graphene toolkit developed by Cryptonomex: . BitShares, Steem, Peerplays, and Muse share the same core Blockchain code called "Graphene".

In theory, Steem could active the features like UIA, voting etc. too. The question will be, does it fit into a social media platform? Each feature attracts an individual market with their own requirements​ and demands.

Steem focus is social media. Why clutter that chain with stuff that can already be done on a chain designed for it. If Steemit starts getting mullions of users every ounce of its resources need to be used for making sure that experience is smooth as possible. If we start adding those features we may need to make tradeoffs at scale that could hurt the platform as a whole.

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