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New features: trollbox, revamped deposit/withdrawal, transaction filtering ++

Another week, another new release! This release is full of new features, and I'm very happy to finally be rolling out a trollbox. The main new features are:

  1. Trollbox!
  2. Revamped deposit/withdrawal for Openledger/Blocktrades
  3. Transaction filtering in recent history lists
  4. More featured markets


Starting with the trollbox, it is implemented using Peerjs, an open-source library which provides an easy to use API for the WebRTC protocol. It uses a central server hosted by Openledger to allow peer discovery, but once connected all messages are peer to peer: they do not pass through the central server.

This is the first iteration of the trollbox so I expect there might be issues, especially with spam and scaling, but it will improve as time goes on. We also cannot guarantee unique usernames, so while the GUI only lets you pick account names you control for your username, do not trust this 100%.

One nice thing the trollbox lets us do is add /commands in the input field. The only useful command included now is /tip, it lets you initiate a transfer to a user through the chatbox. The syntax is shown in the screenshot below, it is:

/tip user 1 BTS Some memo bla bla bla

Trollbox screenshot

New deposit/withdraw

We've had a lot of new users lately coming from DGX and MKR, and a lot of them have found it difficult to navigate the deposit/withdrawal. Revamping that page has been a goal for a long time, and hopefully this new layout will make it much easier to use.

New deposit withdraw page

You now select the coin you would like to deposit or withdraw, and a simple summary as well as instructions are displayed. At the bottom you'll see a list of the recent transactions you made for that coin.

Transaction filtering

Here's something else that a lot of people have asked for: a way to filter transactions by type. This lets you show only your filled orders for example, making it far easier to read transaction history.

Transaction filtering

The full release notes can be found below, and the you can find the binaries here

New features
- Trollbox has been added (with tipping!)
- Revamped deposit/withdraw for Blocktrades/Openledger
- Add and show more 'Featured Markets'
- Transaction filtering in recent transactions lists

Bug fixes
- Chinese and Turkish translation updates
- Increase grid-container max-width to 70rem
- Change CCEDK in deposit/withdraw to Openledger
- Format MarketCard volumes, add some spacing
- Improve volume formatting
- Show more decimals for BTC equivalent balance values
- Show market name in AccountOverview asset popover market link
- Fix AccountPermissions width issue

Great job. But I have a few comments.

First, see this bug:
Although apparently the OpenLedger version doesn't have that problem.

Second, why does the OpenLedger tab say:

For support, please contact Blocktrades at: [email protected]

And finally this is more of my preference than a bug, but I found it irritating that switching between the Deposit and Withdrawal tabs didn't sync the coin I selected in the drop down. Meaning if I choose STEEM in the drop down as shown in the screenshot, then realize I actually meant to withdraw it, it should automatically select OPEN.STEEM for me when I click the Withdrawal tab (and vice versa).

I'll try to track down your bug on a Windows machine since I can't reproduce it on OSX.

The support link says Blocktrades because they're the ones actually running the service, Openledger doesn't have its own support team.

The coin selections are actually saved independently right now, but I can play around with linking them and see if that gives a better flow like you say.

Abit encountered the same issue on Openledger and helped me track it down, fixed it here.

To fix it in your light wallet, you can open the dev console, go to Resources -> localStorage and delete this key: __graphene__defaults_v1

"BitShares is on MtGox soon! Buy! Buy! Buy! I've seen it on the MtGox Beta."

Trollbox not working for me on firefox.
Infinately loading...

Error: The current browser does not support WebRTC
Stack trace:
[email protected]://
[email protected]://
[email protected]://

Is that a really old version of Firefox? It works fine for me in v46. Peerjs should have support for Chrome 26+, Firefox 23+, and Firefox has native WebRTC support from v44.

lol, I found the problem.
I've got an add-on called "Disable Web-RTC" I'm betting that's the issue. : P

v46.0 I wouldn't be surprised if its just me. The add-ons I'm using seem to often make things unusable.

Love it! Good job guys.

Little bit of Deposit/Withdraw feedback:
On the Openledger deposit tab, for BTC the "get new address" button doesn't generate an address, it stays "unknown".

That was most likely an issue with the API call from the service provider, it is working now as far as I can tell.

just beautiful!

Cool, but it seems little buggy on windows

My accounts do not appear on home screen
This issue comes up from about 3 versions back
Reloading no longer help. I can get to my accounts through the upper bar and the link with the name of the account.

//EDIT: It's OK - white space in Account Filter :D

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