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RE: Bitshares GUI release 2.0.160504

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Great job. But I have a few comments.

First, see this bug:
Although apparently the OpenLedger version doesn't have that problem.

Second, why does the OpenLedger tab say:

For support, please contact Blocktrades at: [email protected]

And finally this is more of my preference than a bug, but I found it irritating that switching between the Deposit and Withdrawal tabs didn't sync the coin I selected in the drop down. Meaning if I choose STEEM in the drop down as shown in the screenshot, then realize I actually meant to withdraw it, it should automatically select OPEN.STEEM for me when I click the Withdrawal tab (and vice versa).


I'll try to track down your bug on a Windows machine since I can't reproduce it on OSX.

The support link says Blocktrades because they're the ones actually running the service, Openledger doesn't have its own support team.

The coin selections are actually saved independently right now, but I can play around with linking them and see if that gives a better flow like you say.

Abit encountered the same issue on Openledger and helped me track it down, fixed it here.

To fix it in your light wallet, you can open the dev console, go to Resources -> localStorage and delete this key: __graphene__defaults_v1

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