The Rise of Arise in Disguise

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I'm a big fan of Texas. I look to that state as one of the last bastions of freedom in this nation. But Austin has been infiltrated with statists. I hope they root them out before it is too late...

Today the State of Texas did AriseBank a huge favor. Before their knee jerk action, the story everywhere was all about the FUD-slinging lynch mob out to hold a medieval witch trial finding something, anything, to take their leader down. All they could come up with was the most tired, overused, mindless trollism in the industry: "A scam! It's a scam I tell you! Throw her in the water. See, she floats! Burn her at the stake!"

But now, in just twenty four hours the whole story has changed! Now it's David vs. Goliath. It's about regulatory overreach, libertarian ideals, an The Right of the People to Alter or Abolish Destructive Government.

Not only that, but they just gave Jared Rice and his AriseBank all the legitimacy they could ever ask for. The best stone that the erstwhile Guardians of Civilization could throw was, "Yer usin' coconuts", er, "yer usin' the word bank!"

Thanks to Texas, Jared Rice has morphed from witch to hero overnight.

Check out how David and his powerful legal team just responded to Goliath:

Arise Governance "We The People" Response to Texas Banking Commissioner

I think it will get better:

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Nice post beautiful presented and explained. detail oriented with nice video really awsomE!!! thank you for sharing this with us, Upvoted

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I'm still pretty skeptical of Arise, though it would be great if they delivered. They're claiming to offer a lot, with the implication that most of the work is already done. They're asking for a lot of money in advance with no solid evidence of past accomplishments that I've seen. The economic model for AriseCoin with its expiring tokens that are supposed to be of equal value to non-expiring tokens also seems contradictory. Creating an easy bridge between legacy banking and crypto would be awesome and I'll be pleasantly surprised if they manage it.

How long have you known the people involved, and what reason do you have to risk your reputation by endorsing them?



Heehee! I'm a Tigger too! Oh wait, thats Calvin!!

Respected Sir @Stan,

after a long time i visited your post, I often miss your valuable articles here. when i joined Steemit 5 months back then i saw you are much active their and you daily posted 5,6 blogs,and now i think 1 in a week. i think you are asset for this community. and a big share for the development and progress of this amazing plate form.
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Very excited! If anyone can explain the following to me it would be much appreciated! I just purchased open.EOS on the Bitshares exchange and it's sitting in my Bitshares exchange wallet now. Do I have to register these tokens now on the website or send it to myetherwallet? I've heard some things about that US investors are unable to participate. Any help would be appreciated, I'm very excited for the future of BTS and the future of EOS, along with Steem of course.


@showtime24, @moroshek's response is incorrect.

I actually asked @stan that exact question on a livestream and his replied was quite enlightening. You can see exactly what he said on my post here :


Nope just keep them on the Bitshares exchange. They're yours. If you ever want to withdraw someday, you'll be able to do so. But for now, the easiest and safest place to keep them is on the DEX. Your open.eos token is just an IOU from open ledger that you'll be able to withdraw any time.


According to @ponts "Yes, if you live is the USSA you need to register your EOS using myetherwallet. Yes, prisoners such as yourself are forbidden by your SEC to participate in this token distribution." @moroshek

The title of your blog post alone killed me, almost like a rhyme, I had to open to see, yet let me ask you, this Arise bank will their rise in anyway be beneficial? To Texas? To?

Yeah, when I read the response letter from ARISE I thought, "This is bad ass!"

I wish you and them all the best.

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I have not been to Texas before but my cousins stay there and they actually love it and boast of it like you are also proud of it too. Happy New Year @stan

Hi..@stan.. thanks for sharing this video i really appreciate good work
Happy steeming ..
Stay blessed......

So you have no concerns about this:

Or this:

Reputations are too important to throw away in support of scammers. I truly hope you are protecting your reputation.

Surely, it can only get better. Nice post. Upvoted!!!

Highly rEsteemed!

The whole thing really is David vs. Goliath like you said. Decent news for once!

excellent post, beautiful news. thanks for sharing

I love how you explained this! Great piece!

Let's go forward together for a victory. Me and my friend will join Arise bank crowdsale. From the Far East of Russia!))

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VERY well done Stan.....

Because my partner is from san antonio texas, i will vote you sir @stan ! 😀😀 he said its a great place.

well presented , nicely explained.a great thumbs up to u.

I am tired of people saying Arise Bank is a scam. Evander Holyfield is about to change the game. He has a lot of powerful friends.

Nice post

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Hi @stan. I have signed up for the arisecoin offering, but am skeptical. I'm not sure what it is, but I'm hesitant. At the same time I figure I should roll the dice once in a while and risk a little on the possibility of it taking off. One thing I am sure of is "always bet on Texas".
Thanks Stan for posting!

Very good post.thanks@stan.

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Lol that scene! I Posted this weeks ago:

I would very much appreciate a direct response to the semi-verified accusations of falsehood perpetuated by Arise bank, the theft of Ark code and legal disclaimers by other crypto orgs.

I like that witch floating on water quote.. It is funny but ironical. Thanks for sharing.