RIP --Stan Larimer

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“Any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind; and therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.” - Eckard Tolle

Today is my first day out of intensive care unit (ICU) at Lankenau Medical Center after 52 days and therefore the first day my wife has allowed access to my computer in nearly 8 weeks. If you you have been wondering why I haven't responded to your messages, I hereby submit the following Lame Excuse.

Earlier this summer my mother had graciously provided each of us with matching tombstones next to her and dad's at the family graveyard where Larimer residents date back to 1840. I hadn't been planning to check in quite so soon.

But, on October 13, 2018 I had a "mild heart attack" which turned into a massive heart attack while they were putting in the stents to open 3 clogged arteries. Boom! I was suddenly dependent for my life on exotic machines with names like ECMO and Impella. Frantically laboring doctors put me into into an induced coma. I woke up after four weeks unable to talk due to a ventilator hole in my throat wondering what had just happened. I lost a whole month - unaware of the passage of time. I have been working my way back to normalcy ever since.

They are treating me as a miracle here at the ICU - Some say my combined probabilities of survival were under 20% . I certainly consider it gift from God, and have been grateful for every new day since..


“To sleep, perchance to dream—ay, there's the rub, for in that sleep of death what dreams may come when we have shuffled off this mortal coil, must give us pause...+ Hamlet, William Shakespeare.

During my four weeks of unconsciousness, I was however quite busy in a parallel dream world that substituted for my reality. I didn't see any white lights at the end of a tunnel, I just continued on in my role as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff for the US military. I was focused on development of a new class of warship called Hyperion class able to interface to sea life telepathically. I can still hear their haunting beeps (which now sound suspiciously like the beeps of medical equipment around here). I even published Steemit articles on some of my exploits. Everything was so real it's still hard for me to believe none of it happened.

I'm not dead yet!

Having looked at death up close and real personal, I have a new perspective on what is important and new chances being given me. First, I must rehabilitate a body that can't walk due to weeks of bed-ridden atrophy.

Great Team

I'm behind on team communications, of course, but have the impression that they carried on without me just fine. What a relief it was to know that they had it all under control, but it taught me another lesson - that no one is essential to the work before us. Not even godfathers. Life goes on.

Ah, Are you digging on my Grave?

"Ah, are you digging on my grave,
My loved one? -- planting rue?"
-- "No: yesterday he went to wed
One of the brightest wealth has bred.
'It cannot hurt her now,' he said,
'That I should not be true.'"

,Then who is digging on my grave,
My nearest dearest kin?"
-- "Ah, no: they sit and think, 'What use!
What good will planting flowers produce?
No tendance of her mound can loose
Her spirit from Death's gin.'"

"But someone digs upon my grave?
My enemy? -- prodding sly?"
-- "Nay: when she heard you had passed the Gate
That shuts on all flesh soon or late,
She thought you no more worth her hate,
And cares not where you lie.

"Then, who is digging on my grave?
Say -- since I have not guessed!"
-- "O it is I, my mistress dear,
Your little dog , who still lives near,
And much I hope my movements here
Have not disturbed your rest?"

"Ah yes! You dig upon my grave...
Why flashed it not to me
That one true heart was left behind!
What feeling do we ever find
To equal among human kind
A dog's fidelity!"

"Mistress, I dug upon your grave
To bury a bone, in case
I should be hungry near this spot
When passing on my daily trot.
I am sorry, but I quite forgot
It was your resting place."

--Thomas Hardy

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Besides being a business partner and mentor, you are also one of my very best friends and somebody I admire and look up to greatly. It was A very scary morning that morning when Pam called To tell me the news of what happened. I'm so very glad and relieved that you have been able to recover and I just want to Say that on behalf of the community we all love you very much.


i feel the same. I was great knowing you were running things while I was down.


Stan thank you very much for the update - I had not known what had happened. Glad you are on the mend. I have always admired your ability to see the good in everyone and how you remain calm and impart words of wisdom while others are at times frantic and psychotic. Please accept my digital bow :)


its great to have you back stan, you really do live out the gospel, shining light into the deep dark places on the internet. Get well my friend our BTS community needs you

Welcome back @stan . Very happy that you are better and wishing you full recovery soon. Take it easy from now on..

They are treating me as a miracle here at the ICU - Some say my combined probabilities of survival were under 20% . I certainly consider it one, and have been grateful for every new day since..

Before a couple of days back a orthodox monk said that the greatest gift God gave him (except being a monk) was a stroke he survived from! It gave him a new perspective for life, the shock was so intense that some how gave him spiritual rebirth.... I can see similarities with your experience, am I right? God bless you. Welcome back.

bad for you, that didn't move to a better place...and good for us humans on Earth, because when a good person leaves the planet, the planet becomes harsher to live in.


You got a 46.42% upvote from @brupvoter courtesy of @christianchannel!

Wow, wow, wow!! What a relief to hear you are on the mend and thanks so much for the post! I think we should give you superman status :)
Big Hug, Love AND hope you have cute nurses, cause that always makes recovery better :)

For weeks I have wondered the disappearance of my name sake but now i understand better. Glad to know you are fine, healing is a process. Need you back on your feet fully

stop being dead. There's too much work to do.


"I just continued on in my role as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff..."

Welcome back, Chairman! You have been sorely missed in this timeline...

"I lost a whole month - unaware of the passage of time."

Stan, you're one of the few I'm aware of who could turn being unconscious for a month into an entertaining story.😉

What can I say? Great job on the Hyperion Class Heavy Cruiser, no doubt destined to be one of the workhorses of the Earthfleet... I'm looking forward to reading your Steemit articles about it. Let me know if you need any engineering crew.

Your recent adventure has reminded me of something Paul said:

"For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain. If I am to live in the flesh, that means fruitful labor for me. Yet which I shall choose I cannot tell. I am hard pressed between the two. My desire is to depart and be with Christ, for that is far better. But to remain in the flesh is more necessary on your account."- Ref

I, for one, am very thankful that our LORD Jesus hasn't called you home just yet. Blessings, and ongoing prayers for you, brother!

- @creatr



Your friends smiling again! Share with us your death-experience and give us Life!

Best wishes to you! Hope to see you fully recover!

It truly was a shocker to see the title in my feed, but the picture relieved some of that when I saw the pic with your wife, and then joy as I read the article. What a way to draw attention, what a "showman"!

Here's to your speedy recovery and the changes you need to make. My heart goes out to you Stan. Rest well and great to hear from you!

The title to your post almost gave me a heart attack. Glad your feeling well. ❤

So glad it wasn't your time yet, Stan. You obviously have more work to do here and more time to spend with family and friends. There's more time to teach us about the Bible in a way that only you can.

By the way, did you really have the experience while you were out about the warship and telepathy with the sea animals? Sounds pretty cool.

Happy you are alive and doing better and better each day @stan, proving that with your witty sense of humor as top notch as ever.

Blue Rockers and Bible Blue Rockers miss you, as do I.
We all await the presence of your face again!
Merch has been designed as we spoke of, isn't that cool!?

~ Connie🖖

IMG_5678.PNG Screen Shot 2018-11-27 at 3.06.17 PM.png

Thank you Lord that you are on recovery. You've made an impact in my life not just in crypto. I am going through tough times right now and have taken a break from the community when I saw what happened to you, never thought I could cry so much, that how you have an impact on me. Been praying day and night for your recovery and so grateful that you're still with us now. So much challenges ahead and grateful that you're gonna be here still hopefully to guide us. Please stay safe and don't stress so much. Love you Standalf! - - cointroller.

Oh and by the way, I can't wait to hear what you went through in your parallel world, I'll wait when you're ready ❤️❤️❤️

Glad you're out of the hospital @stan. Drink plenty of PH balanced water. I am not sure if you have tried cold pressed juicing before but it will help with alkalizing your body and assisting the healing process. Take it easy brother, great to see you posting again here.

I'm so glad to hear that you are recovering from this major health issue, and the post's title is premature. Sending thoughts and prayers for continued progress.

Thanks for the update. The title scared the hell out of me. Glad you're doing better.

Stan, this title had my heart drop, thank god you are alive. Thanks for the update -- and get well soon.

Hey, take it easy and focus on yourself first. Watch some funny youtube videos, read a book, do something you enjoy. Right now, your only job is to recover. Take however long you need, we'll still be here.

Tough to leave those dreams I know.. however we are glad you have made your return. The world wouldn’t be the same without you.

Remember to eat your dolphin oatmeal for breakfast as to hinder this from occurring ever again.

So glad to see you are doing better. Take care as you continue to recover. Be nice to the Staff and your caregivers. We have missed you and your fiction stories.

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Highly rEsteemed!

Weed This Godfather! Speedy recovery!


Glad you came out ok and I wish you a speedy recovery back to normalcy.

Praise God. You are still alive. You are one of the best men on crypto I met so far.

God bless you, Stan. I pray that you have a full recovery!

Glad to hear that you are getting better

The title wasn't nice at all, had me saying "Oh no" but happy to know that you are doing fine....

Well I take the opportunity to invite you to come to the Caribbean and relax and lets the sand, salt and sunshine do its healing...

So glad to hear that you are okay and recovering. Welcome back Stan. You were greatly missed.

Really glad that you are still among the living Stan. Missed your influence on here, especially the bible hour series.

Не болей, Стен!

I'm glad you're on the mend @stan! I wish you a speedy and full recovery!

Oh man, I just saw the title and my heart dropped. I'm very glad you're still with us, my mother recently also got a stent due to a clogged artery. I wish you all the best for recovery - keep dehydrated and again, I'm very grateful you're still here.

Oh my god Stan. A heart attack. I'm so glad you made it. I've been thinking of you and wishing you the best. Here is to a slow, healthy and stress free recovery.

Wow Stan, what a story! So glad you are now recovering! Our continued prayers will be with you throughout your recovery Stan. Please feel free to reach out for ANYTHING!

Welcome back Stan!! Let us know if we can help with anything (

You may not remember me, as it has been some time since we spoke on Bitshares, possibilities and 'BTMs', but it is good to see you alive and kickin. Let's hope it's for another 20 years minimum 😎

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Man I read the title as a headline that you'd passed, don't scare me like that! So glad to hear you got the care you needed when you fell ill, here's to your future health! 🍻

You should try to write up those steemit posts you created in your dream 👌 lol

I'm glad you're alive and out of ICU. It's important to keep not only envisioning a decentralized world but helping to make a reality as you have done. It'll be a long road and it's going to take good people to get it done.

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I just learned of this and just want to also offer my gratitute and deep appreciation of you and also Dan. You both have been life changing for me personally and also my work. To say the least I am in shock to read of your heart attack - yet I understand the background. The intensity of passionate work a real time speed is unsustainable. I learned this last year, while having resounding success in my work - my body stopped working at various levels. I had fullfilled all my work dreams - but was dead man walking - running on empty. I have since taken a step back and disciplined myself into meditation. I am happy to see that you quote Eckart Tolle. This gives me hope that in the end you will be well. If you are not is not the end.
Best, DK i.a. Stoever Project on Bitshares

Glad to see you are still with us and on the road to recovery!

Your post title almost sent me into grieving mode.

Get well!

I thank God for your life and am glad you are back...i truly miss ur wisdom....stay strong stan...

Thank God you are still alive. High CBD Cannabis can help you recover... I am writing about it over on

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Good to hear you are ok!
May you continue to have a swift recovery.

You're leading one of the most exciting projects in the space.