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RE: Bitshares 3.0 (Bench) + EOS = Blockchain Interoperability And Built In Atomic Swaps (HUGE!!!!!)

in #bitshares3 years ago

Bench is probably the most aggressive project in terms of the scope of impact it might have. But the BitShares community probably has a half-dozen paths to expand its influence and I'm supporting several and rooting for them all.


As a Bitshares hodler myself, I am rooting for the entire platform.

I feel it a disgrace that Bitshares is a 30 something token in terms of marketcap. That is a joke. This is a top 10 easily.

That is why pricing action should be ignored. At some point, the market will realize what is going on in this industry and who the leaders are. When it does, Bitshares should explode upward.

I am patient with it. Another 6 months of development will put Bitshares in the top section of the class. At that point, the world is going to understand what the platform offers.

By the way, I hope you got some were a real trooper appearing on CryptoConnie on Tuesday....

Nice deal with cloudcoin too....

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